North Face apologizes after openly gloating about gaming Wikipedia for free advertising

In a marketing campaign idea that even the least intelligent Internet user could have told you was a terrible idea, North Face decided to publicly announce earlier this week how they were playing the results of Google Search to promote their products. uploading photos of them to high traffic Wikipedia entries.

North Face even prided itself on its success with a short two-minute video detailing how famous shots were exchanged for similar-looking photos showing the location of the North Face product, which inorganically extracts North's visibility Face in Google results. The opening of the video showed a graph of a Google search bar that was filled in real time with the words: "How can a brand be the first in Google without paying anything for it?"

Now, the brand is I apologize for the Move, and for having affirmed it worked with the owner of Wikipedia, the WikiMedia Foundation. And, in an interview with The New York Times North Face also claims that it was the cause of the lack of communication between the company and an independent distributor outside the US. UU

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