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No Limit Drag Racing 2.0 is the long-awaited sequel to one of the best drag racing games on the iOS and Android platforms, and just like its predecessor, it starts simple and gets very complex the deeper you go. Unlock custom tunings for your car, allowing you to make almost every possible adjustment for best performance in each different type of race.

Read our full tuning guide for No Limit Drag Racing 2!

Transmission tuning is very important, especially as cars become more and more powerful. Change the gear ratio while checking the top speed of each gear. The key is to find the best balance of acceleration, top speed and tire grip.

The main reason for changing gear ratios is to avoid traction loss at launch, but different gear ratios work better from race to race. Shorter gears work better in 1/8 mile races, while longer gear ratios work better in 1/4 mile or half mile races.

Suspension is one of the most adjustable components in a car. One of the most obvious things you can adjust is the ride height of the front-end rear. Raising the rear end and lowering the front slightly increases traction and allows more weight on the rear wheels, so you can rent a car from fishtailing or spinning. However, if the rear is too high, the front end may stick out of the ground at lunchtime, causing wheelies or flips.

You can also adjust how wide the wheel spacing is, how hard or soft the springs are, bumps and extensions. Wider wheel spacing can increase stability, but too wide can increase drag. The other three suspension options usually have minor effects with some tunes more suited to some races than others, so it’s a good idea to tweak them according to your race.

Wheelies can be mitigated by wheelie bars that can raise the rear end of the vehicle extremely high to handle huge amounts of power, similar to the way a real funny car does. Not only will you prevent the wheels from tipping over or climbing too high, you’ll also get traction from the rear wheels, unlike anything that would be possible without the wheel bars.

Adjusting the car’s weight can shift the car’s weight distribution from front to back. This usually makes a small difference unless you change direction by a huge amount. Shifting the weight back gives you more rear wheel traction in lower gears, and shifting the weight back forward gives you more rear wheel traction in higher gears.

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Computer tuning is one of the more advanced components of the game, and two people first have to tune the rest of the car more. The simplest computer tuning is a boost tuning that can drop the PSI at a certain RPM. This allows the power to be reduced at certain speeds, making it easier to gain traction when the tire was previously turned.

If you have nitrous, adjusting the nitrous is similar to adjusting the boost psi, but it’s much easier to fix. You can select the RPM at which nitronis starts in each individual gear. This allows you to activate it later in early gear to get good firing traction, and in higher gear to activate it earlier for maximum speed.

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