No, Elon, the Navigate on Autopilot feature is not ‘full self-driving’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made an outstanding statement on Wednesday on the phone with investors. Today all Tesla vehicles are fully self-driving on highways and most other access control roads.

Musk said, "I have full self-driving ability." He recently showed off Tesla's "Autopilot Navigation" feature, which "guided the lane change, highway interchange navigation, and actively exit the exit" from the on ramp to the off ramp. "

The problem, of course, is that the navigation of the autopilot is not even "full self-driving" on the highway. And in October last year, Tesla suddenly said, "It was too much confusion to justify keeping the customer front and center, pulling out the" complete self-drive "option on the website, and Musk said at the time. Is that all Tesla vehicles that use Navigate in Autopilot can do "full self-drive"

In order to drill holes in Musk's opinion, there is no need to see society anymore. The SAE (Automotive Engineers) taxonomy for autonomous vehicles, commonly called SAE levels, Most experts will categorize autopilot searches as Level 2 autonomy, which means that vehicles can handle basic tasks such as acceleration, braking and lane change, but the human driver @elonmusk : "We already have self-drive capability on the highway." [19659007] Bullshit.The Tesla driver has to do OEDR and fallback without looking at the road.This is Level 2. And dangerous

– E P D (@EricPaulDennis) January 30, 2019

Tesla's vehicle says so to themselves. If you activate Navigate on the autopilot, a warning screen will appear on the center screen saying, "Autopilot can not autonomously create model 3. As with any other autopilot, the driver is always responsible for the car. "Drivers who release their steering wheel are at risk of disabling this feature.

Highly automated, such as cars operated by Alphabet's Waymo, Ford's Argo AI or GM's Cruise Automation Even those vehicles that actually operate only in certain geographical locations qualify for "full self-drive." Certain conditions, such as good weather, these companies generally understand that vehicles classified as SAE may be considered as Level 4

SAE levels are not perfect, for example, they tend to polish all the different forms of automation that are under development. Most car companies do not use the SAE level when defining various systems, but they are not enough at present. The US Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Musk's claim that today's Tesla vehicles can do "full self-drive" is misleading, as we can see the older driving style and the newer Musk is in turmoil as he switches between driving modes, and consumers say that Musk does not need to pay attention when Tesla is "fully self-driving," and autopilot is under contract.

Even Tesla's public statement on Autopilot is inconsistent with Musk's comments, as it is not possible to find a vehicle with an autopilot. Tesla will inevitably announce a statement that ruins this point when a conflict occurs Drivers should pay attention to the road and autopilot will not prevent all accidents.

Experts have begun to realize that the way they talk about autonomy is actually a big deal. Last week, AAA released a survey of major car brands. There are 19 terms for 40 brand names used to describe automatic emergency braking, 20 names for adaptive cruise control, and support for lane maintenance. 40% of Americans think that a car with autopilot can already drive itself.

During the import call, Musk noted that there was a particular problem with traffic signals, and explained that the autopilot had difficulty in achieving a "99.999%" success rate. He added that the company will be ready for "full self-drive" by the end of the year, subject to local regulatory approvals. And it's unclear whether Musk is talking about his vehicle because he later mentions that Tesla's developer mode Autopilot is "fully automatic". Tesla spokesman refused to comment.

"Complete self-drive" has been a long time. Four years ago, Musk insisted that Tesla's vehicles could be fully operational without human interaction until 2017. Two years ago, Musk announced that all future vehicles would need the hardware needed to achieve this goal. Tesla has spent tens of thousands of dollars since advertising an imminent breakthrough (19459017) on a website that can be easily added when buying a new car. ] This is not the first time that Musk has raised controversy about autopilot. In April, Musk interviewed "CBS This Morning" and released his model 3 autopilot. He did it again in December's "60 Minutes" interview. It seems he can hardly help himself.

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