No, Elon Musk did not delete his Twitter account

We receive headlines such as "Elon Musk will delete Twitter accounts after a bizarre video game fan arts scandal" because our Lord can not cover his brains as the two hundred thousand year old journalists are peeking. If you can see Elon Musk's Twitter account, you have not deleted it.

I did not really care because it was so foolish to explain. But Bloomberg decided to make a video The headlines of Mashable confused at least one of my colleagues asking if it was true. (Elon Musk says he is deleting his Twitter account, "Elon Musk deleted his Twitter account.") So

: Wake up: Musk was on Twitter this weekend. On Saturday, Musk did not identify the artist (Meli Magali) and wrote the fan art of the video game character as Twitter. Naturally, artists and other creative types are considerably less effective when performing tasks unauthorized, whether their use is legal or not.

Musk immediately made a troll-fight against the right not to use the work of others. credit. He has actually lost this fight before. In that case, the dispute was a fictional unicorn design. If you want to twitter back and forth There is a screenshot in Kotaku . Perhaps in relation to our purposes, points out that one of the opponents in a fight is not feeling well when he avoids confidence in his work. "Martin Eberhard is responsible for all of Tesla's success."

Martin Eberhard is co-founder of Tesla and is with Marc Tarpenning. Both companies established the company in 2003. The scammer began collecting $ 6.5 million as an investor. That's obvious. Musk was fired in 2007. Eberhard became CEO of Tesla in 2008. Eberhard sued Musk for defamation and slander, claiming that Musk downplayed Eberhard's contribution and that Musk was co-founder. Musk and two others are now considered co-founders of Tesla, but details of the settlement are not disclosed.

So Eberhard is obviously the point of deterioration. And when the user brought him, the musk was erased now. " Business Insider is a helpful screenshot of the exchange.) If you want to see your own interests If you are too nervous for – Hello, sit next to me – you will be wondering if the Eberhard and Musk compromise has a non-binding provision. If such an agreement existed, did Twitter violated it?

Anyway, following this amazing display, Musk deleted his tweets, including one of Magali fan art. And he changed his name to Then I announced that I removed Twitter from Twitter. I did not write musk on Twitter, but checked again to see if his writing was there. – At the time of writing – 14 hours after announcement of deletion.

He will be back. He always came back. Musk has never left Twitter after fighting a cave diver that sued defamation. Muscle hit Twitter with the intention of making his company private, causing problems with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Elon lives in this shit .

Elon Musk did not log off. Elon Musk never logs off. Stop sounding "log off" from Elon Musk's house . He can not hear you.

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