Nirvana Game of Life Guide

In this Nirvana Game of Life guide, we will tell you everything about Nirvana game and also give you tips and tricks to play like a pro player. Nirvana Game Of Life is a game released by Gold Tusks that is available for iOS and Android.

Nirvana Game of Life Guide

In Nirvana game you play the role of the soul, which must travel from body to body through the cycle of life, to experience everything that life has to offer when the Creator demands. All the experiences they have collected. Players can choose to play their role or break the cycle of life and reach nirvana where the soul can live in eternal happiness.

The player must make a decision through the swipe dynamics that affect the body in which the soul lives. To ensure survival, you must balance the four needs of four things which are:

  1. Health
  2. Mood
  3. Society
  4. Money

If one of the four bars is full or empty, it dies to reincarnate to the other body.

Here is the list of some Nirvana Game of Life features and their usage in the game.

  • Abusive Parents
  • Frustration protection
  • Coming back from the dead
  • Big Bad Creator
  • Death as a comedy
  • Death is cheap
  • Gold Seller
  • Haunted House
  • I can not terminate myself
  • Lesser of Two Evil
  • Life Meter
  • Professional Killer
  • Pure Aesthetic Gender
  • Purgatory and Limbo
  • Reincarnation
  • Eerie Sphinx
  • Superhero
  • Zombie Apocalypse

Abusive Parents: Depending on the choice, the parent of the player character can have a fairly abusive attitude: if you choose to show your mom a picture you have made, throw it in the trash, jump in and wake up and their bed will ignore you all day.

With the appearance of cards adopted by the parent of the player character, one of two possible reactions is the happiness of not being genetically related to such a social path.

If born as a gangster up to 11 people.

If the player character has a child, there may be a card where the player can choose between good parents or abusive language.

Frustration protection: In some cases, if you die, you can continue to use the game even if you see the ad for 30 seconds.

Coming back from the dead: the developer’s director of the infant, but when the player’s body reaches old age, after a few years of playing the game can receive a card that the parents passed away. Parents are divorcing or talking about how their mother is getting older and forgetting about them.

Big Bad Creator: The soul you play is just a simple tool for him. In both endings he swallows your soul or swallows a lost soul and implies yours.

Death as a comedy: The cause of death for most player characters is in some way the source of the black comedy.

Death is cheap: dying by reincarnation does not matter much: immediately after the last body dies will reincarnate into a new body

Gold Seller: When you get married and the money bar is full, you will receive a card that your spouse killed the money for you.

Haunted House: At some point in the game, you will meet one and have the option to get in there. This house is associated with the plot because it is a place in the living world where you can find lost souls.

I can not terminate myself: at one of the endings, the lost soul will admit that she just wants to end her pain, and will be swallowed by the creator, leaving your soul in a trap.

Lesser of Two Evil: Some cards are leading souls. For example, if you are arrested and convicted, you can try to escape (which can worsen your health) or mourn (lowering) how you messed up yourself.

Life Meter: There are four kinds of health, mood, society and money. If one of them is empty or full, you die.

Professional Killer: You can reborn as a child born in an assassin.

Pure Aesthetic Gender: The gender of the player character changes some of the cards received but ultimately has little impact on gameplay (you will play as boys and girls during the life cycle).

Purgatory and Limbo: When you die, you enter the remaining Limbo until you reincarnate into a new body. This is the first place where you talk to the lost soul and the Creator talks to you.

Reincarnation: When the body dies, you get a new body (only for 750 years).

Eerie Sphinx: To learn the spells that can liberate the place of tying lost souls, you must find the Sphinx and answer the riddle. Failure to answer the riddle leads to death.

Superhero: If you unlock one of the unlockable packs, you are likely to be born as one pack.

Zombie Apocalypse: Searching a corpse in a haunted house can bite your neck and lead to death and cause zombies.

So this was the guide of Nirvana Game of Life, hopefully this guide will be helpful for you.

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