Nintendo’s new content guidelines make it easier for YouTube creators to get paid

Nintendo released a new guideline for producers on Wednesday evening that lifted many restrictions on how YouTube creators can monetize and live on game play.

YouTube creators who want to monetize their content no longer need to sign up for Nintendo's controversial partner program. Instead, those who work in the YouTube Partner Program – those that enable companies to show ads on their videos and make their creators earn advertising revenue through Google's AdSense – are simply eligible. As part of the policy change, Nintendo will terminate the Creator Program next month.

"As long as you adhere to the basic rules, Nintendo will not oppose the use of screenshots and / or screenshots captured from games that you own from copyrighted content created for the appropriate video and image sharing site." Nintendo has a statement on its website.

These rules include unique commentary or "creative comments." That is, let & # 39; s Plays or live streams that contain the original commentary are allowed. Prior to this change, Nintendo said that only videos uploaded through Nintendo's partner program could be used as AdSense earnings, and instructions on which scenes could be used were much more stringent. But Nintendo's new rule states that the creator is "responsible for obtaining the necessary third party rights if they want to use third party intellectual property." In other words, music from third-party artists, for example, video or live streaming

Nintendo's new guidelines include "uploading a copy of existing Nintendo video, gameplay video without creative input, or other person-created content" It is forbidden and will be deleted. " You can publish gameplay videos and screenshots using Nintendo system features such as Nintendo Switch's capture buttons without additional input or commentary.

The company's decision to take the side of YouTube creators to use gameplay footage has long been a victory in the gaming community, Nintendo's new guidelines also apply to Twitch partners [19659016] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (19459020) Nintendo's new guidelines also apply to Twitch partners. It is not a coincidence that Nintendo lifted the strict restrictions ahead of but it runs on the switch.This game has a devoted community surrounding it and is expected to be one of the biggest games of Nintendo this year. To upload live streaming games It allows you to generate revenue and provide other useful video is a way to cooperate with the YouTube community before the game launches.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released on December 7th.

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