Nintendo’s cardboard Labo box teaches you the joy of cleaning up

The new cardboard kits from Nintendo Labo have to do with imaginative possibilities, but apparently an offer has gone under the radar, and it seems obvious why. The Nintendo Labo Okatazuke is a cardboard box designed to store all your Labo toys, without the need for creativity. The concept was presented on YouTube last August, but is now available for purchase with an estimated ship date of April 20, as seen in Gizmodo .

Surely, this is the most sober Lab product from Nintendo. While others inspire fun and at least put a smile on your face, the Okatazuke (which translates as "clean" or "organize") looks like your average movement box, with no spaces for interactive games through the Switch. Each box is capable of storing a complete Labo kit, so you will need separate boxes to store the variety, the robot, the unit and the RV kits individually. It may not be all that exciting, but at least it is the most affordable Labo accessory at 800 yen (approximately $ 7.25 USD) per box. It is probably also the easiest to put together.

If you have already purchased Labo kits since they became available last year, you may have already discovered a storage solution for all your cardboard equipment. But if you're a Nintendo collector, you're six years old or younger, or you're a cat, then maybe this is the right toy for you. On the positive side, you probably do not experience any motion sickness while playing with it.

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