Nintendo Switch gets unofficial Android port

For many, the Nintendo Switch has a form and interface factor that would make it ideal for running a mobile operating system and, along with it, the richness of popular mobile game titles. However, it is fair to assume that Nintendo would not be so interested in this idea.

The Japanese game giant is well known for being too protective of its property and how it is used exactly, but that has not stopped enthusiasts. XDA developers released a publicly available (and unofficial) Android ROM for the portable console.

The firmware is based on the Nvidia Shield TV – LineageOS 15.1 operating system, which in turn is based on Android 8.1, and can be used to surf the web, play mobile games and (theoretically) anything else that can Do on a mobile device.

With LineageOS 15.1 installed on your Switch, you can use it in both portable and docked mode, with audio and Joy-With support in both modes.

There is a problem …

Naturally, this also comes with a lot of warnings, the main one being that Nintendo obviously does not admit this kind of interference and would not. I don't help you if there is any kind of problem due to your console as a result of hacking.

You will also need a Switch console that can run the Hekate bootloader, something that might not be possible if you bought one of the updated consoles after June 2018.

Other than that, some other limitations Listed include poor battery life, lack of automatic rotation, Joy-Contrs do not communicate properly with some applications, and various problems with docking and Wi-Fi with patches.

This is undoubtedly a trick reserved for those with some knowledge at this stage (we do not recommend that you try if you have no experience, for fear of putting your console on the table), marks an important milestone to break the potential of the switch from Nintendo. .

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