Nintendo needs a heck of a holiday season to meet Switch sales goal

Nintendo has sold 31.9 million switch consoles last quarter, announcing that it has sold 5.7 million, or 22.86 million units since its launch in March 2017. Switch now has a huge success with GameCube's

home / portable hybrid console, but Nintendo is climbing up if it reaches its 20 million self-selling goal by the end of March. 31st will remain unchanged. The current holiday quarter will be even more important, and last year Nintendo moved "only" 7.23 million units. Holidays The next quarter is traditionally very slow and the company will almost double in achieving its goals.

Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. you have to think about franchises where sales volume can surge. Each will be a good choice, and the switch will be released this quarter. Switch sales have increased slightly over the past three months despite few major game releases in the past three months.

Meanwhile, Sony's PlayStation business continues to grow. The company has just announced that it has shipped 86 million PS4 consoles worldwide. For comparison, the final number of PS3s was 80 million in 2013, and originally the PlayStation managed about 120 million.

Sony's game division operating profits increased more than 100% over the same six months of the previous fiscal year, sales increased more than 240%, and PS4's sales forecast was 17.5 million units. Can PS4 be the best-selling PlayStation since PS2?

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