Nintendo is updating the original Switch with a new CPU and storage

Nintendo today announced a smaller, less expensive version of Switch, but Switch Lite is not the only way to break Nintendo's retail. Originally, Nintendo Switch has submitted new processors and new data to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), indicating that the new chips have lower speeds, faster load times, longer battery life, It can mean things.

Nintendo has submitted a Class II Permission Change to the FCC. You can make adjustments to existing devices without reacquiring everything for sale in the United States. And there was a vague change.

nintendo is updating the original switch with a new cpu and storage

"SoC" refers to the system-on-chip of the switch, called the Nvidia Tegra processor with CPU and graphics, and is more commonly known as flash storage found inside a "NAND memory" solid state drive.

You need to know that we are not talking about the reputed Switch Pro successor to the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch will be accompanied by the announced Switch Lite today. This is very obviously an update to the original model (ranging from the same model number). Nintendo wants people not to worry about buying a switch with a newer processor.

The video game industry has long quietly replaced components like this. New chips are generally costly because they are small and easy to produce. However, video game boards often make a noticeable difference and are often very excited about opening the console to find new silicon. The most famous example was that the Xbox 360 was overheated and tended to succumb to the "red ring of death", but models with new chips were able to deal with this problem much more effectively. (My Jasper is still strong.)

Given that the switch's 4-year-old Tegra X1 processor is barely enough to perform some functions, using the switch will take time to make the difference . Existing title of the system. But I do not say anything until someone hands a new model and makes a comparison.

Eurogamer 's Digital Foundry coincidentally has a nice and odd article about the new Nvidia chip. One featured here. Nintendo has said that the new Switch Lite will have a more power-efficient chip layout with "slightly" improved battery life, so it can be simply Nintendo's standardization by using these chips in the original large model. [19659009]

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