Nike’s new app uses AR to measure your feet to sell you sneakers that fit

Nike is updating its application with a new augmented reality tool that will measure your feet to be able to sell you shoes that really fit (through Engadget ).

While this may seem like a frivolous use of AR technology, the idea is solid. Buying shoes online is difficult, mainly because you can not try them to see if they really fit. Also, brands lie about sizes, so you can never be sure. For example, it can be a size 12 in one brand, but a size 11 in another brand.

Nike shoes, in particular, are famous for being small in most styles, which makes them more difficult to buy, even if you have a Brannock device on hand to know the measurements of your foot up to the millimeter.

With this new AR function, Nike says you can measure each foot individually with 2 millimeter precision and then suggest the specific size of the Nike shoe for the style you're looking for based in its size and the existing purchase data of people with similar sized feet.

Nor is it a one-time trick: Nike is integrating it into your app as a main feature to measure shoes, and it will be. using it in their retail stores as well, which speaks to the company's confidence in the method.

The update should be implemented in the Nike application in July in the USA. UU., And there are plans to take the show to Europe in August.

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