New PUBG Updates and Features

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has settled into regular updates cadence. There are new PUBG updates and a new set of patch notes every month, detailing new season details, balance changes, and bug fixes. We picked out the important details and compiled them here.

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PUBG Update 4.3 new features

1. Survival Mastery

We are happy to introduce a survival mastery system that allows players to develop non-lethal PUBG gameplay. This companion system of weapons mastery, where players can improve their gun skills, introduces new ways for players to express their personality on the battlefield with new rewards and PUBG IDs.

Survival Mastery is a new progression system that earns you XP to level up based on the player’s survival pattern. The system is always unaffected by the seasons. Survival Mastery has a 500 level limit.

2. Team member revival

The match summary timeline summarizes all survival actions performed in the match. Players can see the surviving actions performed in the previous match in timeline order in the Mastery> Last Match tab. The activities below will appear in the timeline along with other XP earned activities.

  1. Landing point
  2. Where the player performs certain actions
  3. Damage handling
  4. The distance the player travels using the vehicle
  5. Surviving Blue Zone Steps

3. Survival style

In the Mastery> Survival tab, players can analyze all players’ data to see their latest survival play style. Survival Style tracks recent play styles by analyzing data from all players playing PUBG. This includes the following information (the three most prominent of these characteristics are shown):


New system that allows players to express themselves while displaying their progress and survival mastery rewards. PUBG IDs include Survival Mastery Level, Player ID, Emblem, Background, and Poses. Players can see and change in Mastery> Survival tab. Players can see the PUBG ID of another player who was a member of the previous game, the player who killed you, or the player you killed.

5. Pose

Every 100 levels (100, 200, 300…), the player receives a pose. Poses are the highest reward in the system and you can change your pose using the Survivor tab and PUBG ID. Athlete posture takes advantage of the clothing worn by the athlete. Other skins such as vehicles and weapons are not currently used for poses.

6. New weapon: DBS

DBS is a double barrel pump action bulldog shotgun that you can only get at first Care Packages. The DBS has two inner magazine tubes that can be equipped with up to 14 12 gauge rounds. DBS can do enormous damage in a short period of time thanks to these combined firing techniques.

The upper rail of the gun allows holograms, red dot sights and 2x to 6x scopes. The maximum effective range for dealing with DBS corruption is 100 meters.

7. Improved shotgun consistency

The hit chance has been increased, especially in the middle shotgun range. Reduced damage over distance. Minimum damage per pellet increased to 4 within each shotgun’s range. Except Sawed-Off for 3. All shotguns fire a total of 9 pellets per round.

8. Adjusted shotgun balance

All shotgun pellets use a more realistic trajectory curve (speed decreases over time). The recoil effect on all shotguns has been updated.

9. Damage multiplier change

Head Shot: 1.5 to 1.2
Torso: 1.0 to 0.9

10. S1897

  1. Maximum effective range is set to 80 m
  2. 20{2149043e656cb7511a8d021e37fdb2cb51b4ccee25009e9925e1a4601c1b7ec1} increase in pump operating speed
  3. The player will not temporarily release ADS due to pump action.

11. S686

  1. Maximum effective range is set to 80 m
  2. 20{2149043e656cb7511a8d021e37fdb2cb51b4ccee25009e9925e1a4601c1b7ec1} increase in reload speed

12. Sawing

  1. Maximum effective range is set to 80 m
  2. Maximum increase probability range set to 50m
  3. The number of pellets fired increased to 9
  4. Damage per pellet reduced from 22 to 20

13. Dogville

  1. Pellet Supply multiplier increased from 0.8 to 1.0.

14. Update weapon impact effect

Both decals and particle effects have improved directionality so players can better understand directional shots. The size and nature of the effect depends on the hit surface and the class of weapon fired.

15. Improving the quality of life of healing items

Healing items can be activated while moving, and while moving at walking speed, the player will decrease to walking speed and continue to use items. Previously, you had to stop completely to begin healing.

16. Cant sight reticle type

  1. Adjustable with brightness similar to Red Dot.

17. Sound

Red Zone volume reduction. Footprint sound volume and attenuation have been readjusted. When the player moves to the outer limits of the footprint audible range, the footprint sounds are greatly reduced. Different sound effects are played when landing.

18. Improved Reg Grab sound effect

For more information on sound improvement plans, go to the following link: Developer letter: sound improvement plan. Add a new song to your turntable.

19. Survivor Pass: Aftermath

The current season of the Survival Pass and Survivor Title System ends on October 16 in KST. Survivor Pass: From October 2, two weeks before the end of the aftermath, screen messages, pop-ups, and countdowns on the Lobby Survivor Pass banner will inform players of the timing of the pass’s end. Premium Pass and Level Up items can be purchased until the end of the pass period.

20. UI / UX

Added background blur to improve readability of the Duo / Squad team UI. To further differentiate the firing modes, the visibility of the HUD’s firing mode indicators has been improved.

21. Reduced brightness of the equipment icon

Added a headphone icon to the right of the UI of the status HUD to show when the Instant Volume Reducer (F7) was activated. Added a system message at the bottom of the screen when enabling / disabling this feature.

22. Show

Minor performance optimizations to improve FPS in areas where many players are close to each other. Improved visuals and rendering performance for shadows. Distribute temporary changes to test servers to mitigate the issue of loot being late after landing primarily on parachutes

23. Custom search

  1. Improved zombie mode
  2. Zombies now have more powerful physical features

24. 1.5 times increase in running speed

  1. 2x jump height
  2. Attack Speed ​​1.5x Increase

25. Zombie health and healing have been improved

  1. More than double the power
  2. You can automatically regain your health when you are not involved in the battle
  3. If you fall from a high place you won’t fall
  4. Reduced damage from guns except for head shots

26. Zombies can now drive vehicles

We are also developing a virus infection feature, one of the key elements of PUBZ PUBG Zombie content. In-house testing of various features is underway to make the zombie mode even more diverse and interesting. We look forward to hearing from you about the improved zombie mode.

27. PUBG Partner Icon

The icon appears in front of the nickname of the PUBG partner in Custom Search. This icon will only appear in the match details section and in the lobby

28. Skins and items

When Update 4.3 is released to Live Server, you will find the following new items in the store:

  1. Halloween themed items
  2. 12 new Twitch Broadcast Royale items
  3. 3 fan skins and 1 set to celebrate PUBG Classic
  4. New BP Available Items: Beryl & S12K BattleStat Skin, 2 Madsy Shoes
  5. New BattleStat Skins: SCAR-L BattleStat Skins
  6. The chance of receiving a locked chest with a random chest purchase has been reduced by 50{2149043e656cb7511a8d021e37fdb2cb51b4ccee25009e9925e1a4601c1b7ec1}.

29. Replay system

The playback system has been updated. Playback files from previous PUBG updates are not available.

30. Bug fixes

  1. The character footsteps were not audible when walking back to the corner of an object.
  2. Smoke UI timer was not syncing correctly when skipping playback in playback mode.
  3. The flare gun firing animation was obscured when in a prone position.
  4. Grenade damage could get through objects in rare situations.
  5. The wrong kill distance to display when killing a disconnected player.
  6. UAZ wheels were not destroyed after multiple drills.
  7. The skull icon to display incorrectly in the Simplified Chinese version of the minimap.
  8. The motorcycle side mirror to become too bright.
  9. Other players couldn’t damage players by drilling holes inside the car.
  10. The parachute not to display in training mode with a full bag
  11. Players being forcibly removed from training mode when drilling through certain walls
  12. Zombie players sometimes looked like humans in zombie mode.
  13. The lung capacity icon did not display correctly when holding my breath while swimming.
  14. The prevented footstep sounds from playing in certain situations when passing through certain puddles.

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