New Grand Theft Auto 6 game review so far

It’s been almost six years since the Grand Theft Auto V, was released, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next series of this series. Rockstar Games hasn’t released Grand Theft Auto 6 game yet, but rumors are already flying. GTA 6 leaks, include information about potential content and cloud games.

Grand Theft Auto 6 game review

Suspicious leaks were made together on various websites. Since then, many posts have been removed. A third party developer known to be connected to Sony posted several rumors on Pastebin, a text storage site. The developers insisted that GTA 6 could be used in next-generation consoles.

Rockstar is working with Microsoft and Sony to “cloud games”. Rumor has it that GTA 6, is available first on Playstation 5 before using it on other consoles.

RockStar Games GTA

Why is GTA 6 not compatible with the current console? This game is said to be much more ambitious than its predecessor. It will probably contain an unprecedented amount of content that the current console can’t handle properly. The expected GTA 6 online mode also requires cloud games. The developer mentioned that cloud games will help make online mode a “continuous process.

One of Pastebin’s liquors claimed that the upcoming game, would include two or more familiar places, Liberty City and Vice City. Gamers can also play as “Drug Monarchs” to control large areas. This rumor was also confirmed by a review of the Rockstar staff’s Glassdoor.

The employee’s review included the spelling “GTA6LSVCLC” or “Grand Theft Auto 6 by Liberty City’s vice president, Los Santos.” If the rumors are true, Grand Theft Auto 6 game will definitely be bigger than the past GTA games. Rumors in the past have suggested that Vice City will emerge prominently in the game.

New Grand Theft Auto 6 on Playstation 5

It’s not clear when GTA 6 will be released. Glassdoor reviewers hinted that Bully games can take precedence over GTA 6. Some estimate that G22 6 will be released in 2022. Rockstar did not confirm these rumors. This rumor is certainly exciting, but it’s best to take everything as salt grains until Rockstar officially announces the game.

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