New FTC task force will take on tech monopolies

The Federal Trade Commission will launch a Task Force to monitor competition in the US technology market, the commission chairman said.

The Task Force is now focusing on the technology-related sectors of the economy, including markets where online platforms compete to strengthen the Bureau. "It will also include 17 employees who will be in charge of investigating anticompetitive behavior in the IT industry.

Joe Simons, President of the FTC, said," The role of technology in economics and life is becoming more important every day. "As we have pointed out in the past, it is natural to scrutinize technology markets so that consumers can benefit from free and fair competition."

The new Task Force comes under increasing pressure to antitrust large technology companies like Facebook and Google. Earlier this month, FTC officials reported that in 2011, both organizations would be fined on Facebook to repeatedly violate the privacy breach to come back and charge a multibillion dollar fine. The advocacy group alleged that the fine would not be enough to give incentives to the consumer data to be more cautious on Facebook and force the FTC to force the company spin off, Instagram and WhatsApp back into their entities. The group claimed that Facebook was too big to properly manage user data for the three main apps.

Over the last few months, discussions over reviewing retrospective mergers that could result in companies that have taken over previously approved assets have been overheated over the last few months. The Democratic-led House and Judiciary Committee reportedly found an antitrust group and hired celebrities like Lina Khan from academia.

"Other sectors of the economy and rapidly evolving technology markets are distinct challenges to antitrust enforcement," Bruce Hoffman said. "By centralizing our expertise and focus, the new Task Force will be able to focus exclusively on the market exclusively. We will ensure that we are operating in accordance with antitrust laws and we will take action if not."

We will investigate the merger of the POS merger, but we can not specify any specific investigation. As for remedies for troubled mergers, Hoffmann said he could "blow" the previous acquisitions into new competitors to recreate the pre-merger market.

Hoffman will work closely with the FTC's Consumer Protection Bureau to address the task force. In particular, if these issues are merged, it relates to consumer privacy enforcement.

"Ongoing hearings on competition and consumer protection in the 21st century deepen our understanding of and potential competition for this market," Simons said in a press release, the technology task force is the next step.

Hoffman According to the Justice Department, which has antitrust jurisdiction, we are aware of the FTC's new Task Force, and both organizations continue to work on this front.

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