New digital wellbeing apps launched by Google

Do you check your phone at least several times a day? Do you ever feel a compulsive need to see if some of your favorite sites / applications / groups got crucial new information that you would enjoy reading / sharing? You would be surprised how many people would answer yes to these questions. Since technology (and phones specifically) became an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, many people became obsessed with it. Because of this, Google is doing everything possible to raise awareness about this problem. His latest digital wellness applications aim to do just that: make people know how much they trust their mobile devices.

People with Phones

There are six different experimental wellness applications launched by Google: Unlock Clock, Mailbox, Flip, Paper Phone, Desert Island and Morph. All of these are available in the Google Play Store.

Unlock clock is more or less a live wallpaper that shows how many times you unlock the screen for a day. Hopefully, this will tell people how often they use their phones every day. In addition, Unlock Clock is a wallpaper, so it will not appear as an application, but will appear in the library of wallpapers.

  The Unlock Clock application

Post Box is a fairly orderly way to organize notifications. [19659004] Instead of constantly receiving notifications of applications, the mailbox allows you to schedule how often and when you want to receive notifications. Basically, it will collect all notifications from all other applications and deliver them at a specific time of day. This should help reduce distractions, and you won't feel the need to check your phone too often.

  Post Box App

We Flip is an interesting way to promote the "welfare of the community." The way it works is quite simple. While spending time with other people, you can activate this application and start the session. If someone in the group unlocks your phone, the session will end and everyone in the group can see how they did it. Similar to other applications, We Flip is available in the Google Play Store.

  The We Flip application

Paper Phone is an interesting way to disconnect from technology. It allows you to physically print a brochure with important information. This is a fairly unique way to reduce people's dependence on phones and, hopefully, some people will find it useful.

  Paper Phone App

Desert Island is an application that challenges users to spend a day without using their phones too much. Basically, it allows people to choose some essential applications that they consider mandatory, and everything else is off the table. This is really an interesting way for users to test themselves and see if they are too dependent on their mobile devices.

  Desert Island Application

As for Morph, this application allows you to customize your UI to show you different applications according to the time of day and location. This should give you the option to divide your time and let your phone adapt to show you "the right applications and the right time and place." This application is also available in the Google Play Store.

  Morph App

While labeled as experimental tools, these applications could remind everyone how dependent we are on technology today, which hopefully should change some of our bad habits and lead to a lifestyle much healthier. [19659023]

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