New Azure licensing policy helps Partners “do more business with our clients” despite competitor complaints

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The last 96 hours are proving to be a roller coaster of answers regarding Microsoft's new policy to transfer local Windows and SQL licenses between cloud providers, with partners who recently put themselves in defense of the company.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced that as of October 1, 2019, any client that comes on board with a Windows Server and SQL Server license will now not be able to transfer to dedicated cloud providers such as Alibaba, AWS, Azure or Google, with the sole exception of service purchases. with Software Assurance plans.

Customers can somehow mitigate the new restrictions with the Azure Hybrid Benefit that reduces the price of a Microsoft stack integrated with Windows Server and SQL Server.

As CRN reports, the president of Interlink Cloud Advisors, Matt Scherocman believes that the new licensing policy is justified: "They know that any platform that gets a customer's first workload is much more to get the second and the tenth workload. "

"For our practice, anything that helps Azure helps us do more business with our client."

In addition to welcoming the change, other partners also point out some of the hypocrisy on Amazon and Google's "leverage" arguments, with Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon bringing the Toy & # 39; s exclusivity agreement AWS R Us that ended up giving Amazon the e-commerce skills to eventually compete in the toy distribution sector. [19659002] Microsoft's top practice directors at Green Pages, David Barter, were a bit simplistic in their logic of the new policy,

"Apple and Oracle and all the great tech giants around the world have left in Of course they are -serving, Amazon and Google Cloud are no different.Amazon has achieved its current market position by leveraging the ability to provide state-of-the-art e-commerce hosting on an easy-to-consume and manage platform.And Google is often it has relied on its powerful search engine to stimulate sales in the cloud. ”

Although Amazon and Google run to the mountain tops to admonish the recent Microsoft Azure restriction, it seems that the partners of the company are having few problems with the movement and cases that highlight the hypocrisy of competitors' complaints.

Over time, Amazon and Google have shown a propensity to leverage their e-commerce and search platforms for However, without having a foot in any of the markets, Microsoft seems comfortable using its own business solutions with a significant presence to strengthen its portfolio in the cloud.

It seems that at the end of the day, Microsoft's partners are seeing a tangible benefit with the new policy since most companies that use a public cloud option are not doing so with the existing Microsoft licensing model. In addition, "customers who have multiple tenants and gradually upgrade to new server versions" will not be affected, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

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