New Apple patent hints that rumored over-ear headphones could be reversible

Although Apple rumored to be working with a pair of its own headphones for a while, the details of the rumored product were pretty slim beyond basic concepts. The newly granted patent, "System and Method for Automatic Right-Eighth Left Detection for Headphones," can imply what Apple is planning. This headphone explains a pair of reversible headphones and automatically adjusts the ear cups to the right or left depending on which ear 9to5Mac put in their ears.

The patent claim describes a system with five microphones in each ear cup to determine which ear cups are present in various complicated ways of comparing the other's microphone inputs.

When the headphones determine placement, the headphones explain how the microphone uses a HomePod-like beamforming technique using a single microphone. It captures voices and eliminates background noise, allowing them to hear prominently.

This patent only focuses on the technique used to determine ear cups that rest on the ear for earsound detection. However, if the ears are preselected, you can apply a reversible characteristic to reproduce the right / left stereo signal.

However, as with the Apple patent, there is no indication that this technology will always be used in products. I do not know if Apple's surplus earphones are real. But when they appear, they can have some neat tricks.

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