New Anti-Cheat System announced for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat System to detect and ban cheats in the game is something that your security team is constantly keeping up to date and improving. Keeping up with the newest and most dangerous methods of hacking and modifying game data, the security process can never be perfect and complete, but since the game was launched in 2018, the development team has paid great attention and Attention to this aspect of the game. Since this game thrives in a healthy and fair multiplayer social environment, it is imperative that holiness and stability are always preserved and potential risks are kept under control, so Lightspeed & Quantum and PUBG Corp. presented advanced detection technology in real time .

  PUBG Mobile Anti Cheating System

The teams focus on keeping their game enjoyable and fair, which naturally means dealing with any data modification and cheating / hacking attempts quite hard. Therefore, PUBG Mobile has a zero tolerance policy against such bad practices and has developed a real-time detection software system that is capable, in a deep and intelligent way, of scanning suspicious game data and additional software. The security team now also has a massive library of registered malicious software and tries to break its shields, which serves as a reference base and is constantly expanding.

However, the PUBG Mobile security team strives to evolve its system even further, which will include even more advanced game observation software tools and methods, which will allow the detection of players using malicious methods to obtain a unfair advantage in an online multiplayer social environment. His maximized game observation techniques include the monitoring of those players who are reported through the player system of reports in the game, which significantly increases their value. In this state now, according to the recent presentation, the security team of this game can safely monitor the game without affecting it in the least, and differentiate between the player's ability and unfair software with great reliability, at the same time It observes unusual events in the game such as packet loss and delay.

  PUBG Mobile Anti Cheating System

The General Manager of the Tencent Games Global Publications Department, Mr. Vincent Wang, followed this security update with these words: "We want players to know that we are 100 % committed to providing a fair gaming experience for everyone We are very proud of the game we work in every day, and the cheats make all our work cheaper We are doing everything we can to keep the cheats out of our game as much as possible possible, and hundreds of team members are dedicated to this task. ”

At the current security level of the game, PUBG Mobile developers can apply real-time bans to players who use piracy tools, unfair utilities and they can closely monitor each complaint recorded by the in-game reporting system with this combination of observation methods and d With highly advanced software, Tencent's security team can add great value to the game's balance, player experience in online multiplayer and also add value to customer service. In fact, they can now even eliminate the cheats detected during a match, just moments after appearing on the radar to speak.

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