Nest doesn’t make a battery-powered doorbell, so now Google sells a power cable that needs to be drilled through the wall

Nest's wise doorbell can only be installed in homes with the right kind of doorbell wiring. As a result, in order to make the product available to others, we began selling adapters that could plug the doorbell into a home outlet.

It is not the most elegant solution in the world. If you want to feed the wire inside the house to the doorbell outside, you must drill a hole through the door frame. But it's at least some sort of solution, and an office in a big building might want to see their porch.

The adapter has not been created. It was developed by a company called Ninety7, not by Google. Ninety7 is famous for making ridiculous battery adapters for smart speakers. But it is being sold through the Google online store. It is being sold for $ 29. Many other power adapters from other companies can find more affordable options on Amazon, but this is the first time that Google has sold them directly.

nest doesnt make a battery powered doorbell so now google sells a power cable that needs to be drilled through the wall

Image: Ninety7

Another company released a battery-powered smart doorbell to solve wiring problems. Ring's two most affordable doorbells are battery powered and last for six months to a year.

Creating a battery-powered doorbell can cause some problems. In August, we recently released a doorbell due to a lack of batteries, which was released in connection with the connection in just a few weeks after its launch. It's not clear what went wrong, but battery-powered smart devices can cause problems because they must limit the use of battery-drain features such as Wi-Fi.

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