Nearly a quarter of US households own a smart speaker, according to Nielsen

According to a recent study by Nielsen, smart speaker love works for US consumers, 24% of US households own smart speakers, and 40% own multiple speakers.

Amazon's Echo, Google Home Theater and Apple's homepages have been around for years, and Nielsen appears to be on the lookout for 62 percent of smart-speaker owners who have bought their devices in the last six months . Nielsen

nearly a quarter of us households own a smart speaker according to nielsen

Source: Nielsen

According to the survey, most people are using smart speakers to listen to music, and 68% are using smart speakers to listen to music. The use of smart speakers is up to 72 minutes during the weekend and 65 minutes a day during the week.

At the beginning of this month, Adobe has found that 32 percent of US consumers have smart speakers and that numbers can reach 50 percent before the end of the year. And Amazon can reach milestones faster than we thought, bringing eco-speakers that are very popular last week.

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