NBA Live Mobile Game Season 3 Review & Guide

EA Sports has been in the mobile world for several years, and if you’re playing sports simulation games with real athletes and teams, you’ve launched a mobile version of the Madden NFL and it’s a UFC title. Likewise, EA Sports announced the share of  NBA 2K19 Game, for iOS and Android devices, including the latest version of 2018-19 season NBA Live Mobile featuring Season 3 updates.

NBA Live Mobile Game Season 3 Review

The lineup has been updated (such as LeBron James with Lakers, Kawhi Leonard with Raptors, etc.), and we know that in previous versions we have come back to the features and game modes we liked and actually downloaded the game before the real- Make a perfect wave. This is a basketball action / management title specially designed for mobile players, so if you own a PS4 or Xbox One, it’s not as easy as learning a game.

There are a lot of titles in this title. Even if you are a beginner, this NBA Live Mobile game strategy guide will cover tips and tricks for beginners. We will not cover all game modes, but we will give you information on how to win more games or complete more challenges, how to get more calls and stamina, and so on. Need help in the early stages of the game!

What are the basics

Like EA Sports, Madden NFL overdrive and NBA Live Mobile Basketball game the big-time releases for mobile, are a console game version specifically designed for the mobile gaming experience. You will experience real video game basketball action. However, for a short period of time, you must complete certain tasks in order to get new games from a series of mini-games or campaigns here. Card pack, currency and other compensation. It’s quite different from the console’s typical NBA Live experience, but in other words, there are some similarities.

Keep in mind that although you can choose one of the NBA’s 30 teams in this game, you can not control the actual lineup NBA Live Mobile game for example, if you choose Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, and the rest of the 2018-19 Lakers can get out of the hit. Instead, it unleashes two low-end players through the tutorial Challenge (including at least the Sixers Guard Markelle Fultz on the benchmark) and then opens up a player pack that contains most of the low-end players who have taken the bench.

Real NBA. Unlock the first coach and receive a similarly low rating. Almost like Madden NFL Overdrive. Since the team’s choices are largely influenced by personal preferences, choosing Golden State Warriors will not form a team with five All-Star starters. If you choose the Atlanta Hawks, you will not be able to play five youths and / or trainers next season.

In addition to the campaigns mentioned above, there are several game modes to choose from. Confrontation mode allows you to play against opponents based on your turn. NBA Live Mobile game each player plays alternately against artificial intelligence defenses, and the final score is added at the end of the game. The multiplier will benefit your fans and you will lose to your fans, and if you get more fans, you will be promoted from the current league to a higher fan. You can also play in season mode when you reach level 4.

This is PvE mode, which allows players to acquire more player packs as their strength with the AI opponent progressively increases. The player will proceed with the player in the last pack of this pack. Mode with few rare and skilled players. Again, there are many similarities between Madden NFL Overdrive and NBA Live Mobile Basketball game so if you have experience playing previous games, there will be some good ideas you can expect from the latter.

Continue campaign completion in NBA Live Mobile Game

The fastest way to strengthen your lineup and add better players to your team is to go to the campaign menu and complete as many assignments as possible. Some of the challenges are very easy. For example, basket scoring or support with a specific player. Others, however, can be more challenging and require you to score in certain areas of the court and in certain areas and avoid hotspots that move across the screen. This is another similarity of Madden NFL Overdrive. NBA Live Mobile should be careful because coaches try to challenge gamers in the same way as players in training camps.

No matter what is required, the campaign will reward you with a new player, and as you move forward, the quality of the player improves and matters become more difficult. Do not think this part of the game is for granted. Otherwise, you will have difficulty competing in combat mode. This is also a good way to experience using a higher class player. Because you will lend it to you during your campaign.

Watch the video and raise the level for additional stamina

Stamina is a resource that you use to make various campaigns as well as Season and Showdown games. Whether winning or losing in the game, success or failure in the campaign, the energy will be consumed later, and at this point, too much physical strength can be guessed. The amount of maximum health increases with each level up, but may exceed the maximum limit NBA Live Mobile game generally it happens when you receive compensation, but you will often use it when you go to the home menu. See left options asking if you would like to watch the video for free stamina.

It is best to choose this option frequently because some of the games can be very difficult and you have to play the game repeatedly. As a bonus tip, stamina will automatically regenerate at NBA Live Mobile once per minute. So if you have a maximum health of 120 units, you have to wait 2 hours. However, be patient and avoid the temptation to use NBA cash for automatic refill. 199 NBA cash. It does not come easy!

Know when to shoot away and get the timing right away

One of the most basic aspects of NBA Live Mobile game is shooting, just like real basketball. As most basketball fans know, it takes 24 seconds to get a shot before the shot time expires (later in the shot time zone). It is usually enough time to pass the ball and find the right person to set it up. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a shot (unless the shot time expires). The first thing to keep in mind is that you shoot each time you open it or take a good look at the basket. Do not despair more than two defenders.

This is because the number of blue balls filled in the circle under the player is less likely to make a successful shot. To that end, it is useful to have knowledge of players who can shoot three pointers, such as the best of the league (eg Stephen Curry) or fringe talent (eg Suns’ Ryan Anderson) and those who can not. , Formerly with the Rockets), and long range shots. Conversely, athletes such as Dwight Howard and Clint Capela are very effective in paint, but they are useless when shooting 3-point shots.

It may be helpful to visit, ESPN, or other similar sites, so you can tap on your team and view the player’s properties. The next thing to remember when shooting is timing. Before releasing the Shoot button, make sure that the white circles perfectly match the large circles. NBA Live Mobile game gives you the greatest opportunity in terms of percentage (over 20{e1eeae8903c1dd9d82c9616383f24a906b6d4234d6297ad1029e5fca4ff78afa}) shot, so you have the most opportunity to go.

Avoid useless gambling at the end of defense

The average player who steals a lot of games per game is not considered to be a great defender. In fact, in the history of the NBA, there were actually a few defenders who were actually bad defenders because of the way they actually steered the ball, but they often gamble too much because there is a scene in which the person is overdone or far away. It also applies to NBA Live Mobile.

It is best to press the Guard button to defend it, and it is best to tap it mad to try to steal. If the opponent player’s head icon changes to green, it means that it does a good job of shutting out the other person. The same is true when attempting a blocked shot. When a block attempt is wrong, you can easily escape to two (or three) points with ease.

You can play a running game in a confrontation, and score quickly

In the real world, playing a slow and thoughtful game and adjusting the tempo is a good way to limit your opponent’s score and you can keep your lead in a better way. It does not apply if you play a quarter in a confrontation and the opponent plays another. I want to get as many points as possible. Can be dealt with while being controlled by AI. At the end of these two turns, NBA Live Mobile game player with more points wins the finishing match, so when you play this PvP game you have to raise the tempo and score it like crazy! Slowdown is good and good in season mode. The steaks are not high but are safe when talking about confrontation mode.

Be careful of long passes

In order to save as little time as possible, I would have tempted a long and irreverent baseball pass several times, hoping to walk halfway through the court and get the ball right from the backcourt. Unfortunately, this is arguably the fastest shortcut to achieving the greatest turnover rate, and we seem to have seen the AI counterparts have a trend towards turnover.

Again, this is very similar to that of an actual basketball. People are simply pumping when they try to take advantage of someone else’s mistakes. In finishing mode, you try to score quickly, but you should not sacrifice turnover. Avoid baseball passes as much as possible and keep your pass as clear and simple as possible!

How to complete the universal technology challenge

These challenges are repeatable and repeatable, and I know how disappointing they are to complete them. So what gives them pain? NBA Live Mobile game first of all, there is a requirement that when shooting, one of the zones must be fully entered. You can not calculate your foot if you are partially out of the zone. Second, avoiding hotspots is easier than complete. Shots are not included if the hotspot crosses the player’s path before the court reaches the net before it enters the net (or falls from the rim). Third, there are types of shots to consider.

Dunking is generally not a problem. It’s a matter of you need to swipe the shot button right at the point near the basket. It can be a little tricky, but when you’re worried about hotspots, suddenly suddenly you become a dunk, it’s like rocket science. What can you do in such a challenge? It is important to spend time before shooting. Do not do too much. This game gives 24 seconds per try. So you have to research in a way that will avoid hotspot movements. Next, try to center the zone when you try to shoot from afar.

This allows you to shoot without leaving the area during shooting. Also, make sure you are thinking about the second or the second. This may require some practice, but it is important to avoid the frustrating situation where the self is passing through the Internet because the hotspot floats during the shoot NBA Live Mobile game gain, the shot is only counted if the ball is not in contact with the hotspot before it enters the net and is returned to court!

Achieve goals and performance for more currencies

We’ll talk more about NBA Live Mobile in the following guide, but if you’re looking for the easiest way to get more coins and NBA cash, it’s best to complete more goals and goals. The rewards can only be redeemed on a daily or weekly basis, with a coin, which is the normal currency of the game. In other words, it takes too much time to complete the game and get the coins. The only exception is the NBA Academy goal, which is based on the extent to which the tutorial campaign can reach.

Examples of daily goals include submitting daily bonus packs at game stores, weekly goals may include a certain daily number of logins, or complete a specific daily goal per week. On the other hand, results are divided into three areas: longer term than goals, general (coin reward), gameplay (reputation point reward), and franchise manager NBA Live Mobile game cash reward. For example, a typical achievement involves acquiring a specific score in a 5: 5 game mode, and a gameplay achievement involves acquiring a certain number of quarters or championships in a particular mode, and a franchise manager achievement is related to a team.

It appears to acquire rare players (gold, silver) or to reach a certain player level. While the goal has its own easy tab in the left menu, you must find the medal icon at the top of the menu to access the achievement. Sometimes it’s a good idea to review both occasions, whether you’re working organically or playing games as you normally do.

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