NBA 2K19 Game Review & Guide

No more titles are expected than the latest NBA 2k series for basketball games. That’s why fans are keen on My NBA 2K19 game on Android and iOS devices. Players not only enjoy their favorite NBA games on their mobile devices, but they also integrate with the NBA 2k19 for Xbox One and PS4. In other words, you can benefit from playing on your favorite console while on the go.

NBA 2K19 Game Review

It’s also a great card game to spend time with, but with this feature you can get virtual currency for console calls every day. With the Face Scanning integration, you can also capture the appearance of your mobile device and send it directly to the console game. There are many features you can explore in this game. My NBA 2K19 strategy guide is here for you to experience everything!

How to secure competitive advantage

If you are playing a game for the first time in this series, it will take some time to get used to the basics. This game is basically a card collecting game where you make your own team and compare cards with other players’ teams. The goal is to collect as many cards as possible to form the best lineup. You need to improve your best cards to stay competitive.

It is entirely up to you to go with your favorite player or choose a card based on your strength. If you are lazy or unsure of your decision, always press the Autofill button on the Deck Management screen. The game automatically fills the best cards a team member has.

Try another game mode

There are a few game modes to choose from in My NBA 2K19 game but it’s a good idea to try them all. All game modes essentially compare card statistics, but a small difference in the rules means that different strategies should be applied. After playing a few games in each of these modes, you can choose the game that best suits your taste. Basic game mode is a fast game. As the name implies, this is the simplest mode in the game with minimal dynamics. If you want to win the game, you play 4 quarters and win 3 of 4. Each card has four basic statistics: Crime, Defense, Rebound and Playmaking.

You will know in advance which of these four will be compared. This allows you to choose the best card for the battle to come. Tap on the card you want to play to compare it to the opponent card’s stats in the game. Since stats can be selected multiple times, it may not be desirable to choose a player that is good only in certain categories. Daily events, Reigning Three, and 2v2 modes both use player statistical comparisons with some additional rules.

These three modes also allow you to obtain virtual currency for console games. With 2v2 mode, you can invite your friends and play games together NBA 2K19 in Reigning Three mode, only 3 cards can be selected for the team. Both players start with reduced stats and gradually regain their stats each time they win per round. This mode is rewarded with a special item that applies only to the mode. You also get a special call from it.

Collect more cards inĀ NBA 2K19 Game

As mentioned above, using a collection card will help you organize the best combination. NBA 2k19 is as generous as it can give you free for every day you log in. There are other ways to get more cards. The first is simply to play more games. At the end of each match, you have the option to draw additional cards from the draft board. Of course, if you win, you have to pick more cards. Each time you pick up a card from the draft board, you have fewer cards to choose from. Unplug the rare card and the board will be reset. The NBA 2K19 will ask you if you want to watch a video ad with four choices. We must always accept this proposal.

Another way to get more cards is to charge a free card pack at the store. You have to pay diligently because you can charge it once every four hours. Free card packs do not overlap, so you may miss a free card when you forget to stop by the store every four hours. You can set reminders to remember NBA 2K19 game a third option for securing more cards is to complete your daily training goals.

Simply tap the star icon next to the player name to see a list of tasks to accomplish. When you achieve your goal, you will be rewarded with a ticket. They can be traded in turn. If you want to collect as many tickets as possible, make sure that it takes some time to complete your daily goals.

Enhance your team

Cards can be raised individually through training. Tap the card you want to level up and tap the Train button. This will sacrifice a useless card to raise the level of the selected card. A base card can level up to 10, but rare cards have a high-level capitalization. NBA 2K19 game as training your cards will consume resources, it would be best if you only raise your rare cards. The investment will eventually be wasted on the replacement card.

If your card has exceeded its maximum limit, you can turn Pro over to improve your card. This requires the same rare card. Even if your level is not maximum, the pro may be able to turn, but if you use a maximum out card, the overall stats will be better.

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