Myspace deleted 12 years’ worth of music in a botched server migration

Were you in a band with a Myspace page between 2003 and 2015? If you were, then all the music that you uploaded to the social media network will be gone. In an email sent to Redditor or Austinjckson, the company's data privacy officer confirmed that "because the server's migration files were corrupted and could not be transferred to our updated site" (via ] BoingBoing ). [19659002] The news that the files may have been lost first appeared a year ago when the company said it was experiencing a problem with songs or videos that were updated more than three years ago. At that time, Myspace said that the problem would be solved, although he could not say when. Unfortunately, now it seems that this solution was not possible and "there is no way to recover the lost data".

Although music is probably the biggest loss, a follow-up comment on the same Reddit thread said that all FLV videos can now also be played after that the service updated its player to HTML5. We have contacted Myspace to confirm exactly what data has been lost.

Myspace was the largest social networking network of the early 2000s, and helped launch the careers of many artists that still exist today, from Arctic Monkeys to Enter Shikari. (My own pop-punk emo band was not that successful, despite my best efforts to straighten my hair and dye it black). However, it languished in the dark since around 2008, when the newcomer Facebook overtook it in web traffic. 19659006] It's hard to believe that anyone has trusted Myspace as their only support for any music, but if he forgot to make a backup so far, unfortunately he missed his last chance. Take this as a warning that you can not trust anything on the Internet to last forever, and use this time as a reminder to back up any valuable mix you're hoarding anywhere else on the web.

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