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My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide 2021: How to Breed Monsters

If you don’t know How to Breed Monsters in My Singing Monsters game, you need a breeding guide to know how can you breed your monsters.

My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide

Here is a Breeding guide of some popular Monsters including:

Ghazt Monster
Entbrat Monsters
Shugabush Monster
Punkleton Monster

1. How to Breed Ghazt

Last week, My Singing Monsters released the first line of Ethereals monsters called Ghazt Monster. This monster is called the “Ethereals” monster line and is much rarer than a regular monster in the game. You can buy monsters, but the price of Ghazt monsters has a very heavy price tag of 1,000 diamonds in the game. It is the most expensive monster ever.

Logic behind getting a monster

The logic behind getting a Gaz Monster for my singing monster is very simple. You need to combine Enbrat with 3 element monsters in the game. However, it is only part of raising monsters. Good luck plays an important role in breeding monsters in my singing monsters, so even with the right combination you may not get the monsters if you’re not lucky.

In this case, the Ghazt monster fits the bill in this game. This is because monsters cannot be obtained from anyone’s game.

Monsters can be obtained from one of the 4 combinations.

Enbrat Monster + Bowgart
Enbrat Monster + T-Rox
Envious Monster + Pummel
Enbrat Monster + Clamble

This combination has been confirmed, but that doesn’t mean you can get monsters without luck in the game. So if you keep trying one of these 4 combinations, you can include this monster in the game. Unfortunately, the reason is that it cannot breed for this monster.

Developer notes! A whole new kind of monster, Ethereals is traveling to your island! Beginning at the mysterious corner of the almost unknown universe, the first Gagat arrives at Plant Island and is ready to start working with a special brand of music. Discover the secrets of raising this wild beast that is difficult to buy or experiment on the market.

2. My Singing Monsters: How to Breed Entbrat

My Singing Monsters’ EntBart Monster is a hybrid monster from My Singing Monsters. The monster needs 4 beds and is an Entbart species. Entbrat is the first element monster in My Singing Monsters and is probably the most sought after monster in the game.

“The complex combination of factors that produce Entbrat becomes a truly mild giant. The big howl of this huge monster energizes the particles of the world from clouds in the sky to stones in the ground. Ent Bart is inconspicuous.

My singing monster-plant elements my singing monster-earth elements my singing monster-water elements my singing monster-cool elements

My song monster Entbrat Monster Egg

  • Bell: Entbart
  • Rhythm Type: singing
  • Release version: 1.0
  • Rarefaction: rare
  • Breeding time: 24 hours
  • Bed required: 4
  • Purchase price: 150th My Song Monster-Diamond
  • Sale Price: My song monster-Coin
  • Requires level: 4

My song monster: Entbrat Monster main features

  • Giant tree horn.
  • There are four elements.

Enter at Monster breeding guide

Enter at Monster is a hybrid monster that requires two different elements to reproduce. To be able to reproduce for this Entbart monster, you must first obtain a breeding structure at level 7. If there is no breeding structure, you can also buy this monster in diamonds.

To grow an Entbart Monster, you need to bring it up using:

Cold Elements.

The recommended combination for raising these monsters is to use Shurubb Monster and Maw Monster. Or other combinations are T-Rox and Potbelly.

It is not important to raise the monster to the left or right. And if you don’t get a monster, you have to keep trying until you provide the correct breeding time. Breeding ultimately depends on chance and you can get multiple monsters depending on their rarity.

3. How to Breed Shugabush

Shugabush, is the first legendary monster introduced to My Singing Monsters. A green humanoid monster wearing a fedora, playing the mandolin, and sometimes singing in a style similar to the real singer Kristian Bush of the Sugarland band.

Shugabush is available from level 9 on My Singing Monsters. Here is Shugabush step by step breeding guide.

Reach level 9
. Shugabush can only be used when level 9 is reached. The current level status is displayed in the upper left of the screen. If not step 9, click “Goal” and create a list of required goals. The game automatically advances to level 9 when you achieve the required goals, such as breeding structures or purchasing monsters.

Step 2:
Go to Plant Island. You can breed Shugabush Monster only on Plant Island.

Step 3:
Press the breeding structure. The breeding structure can be used when reaching level 7. It can be purchased in 200 gold structures.

Step 4:
Tap varieties. It’s in the bottom-right corner of the screen. When you press the sarcoma structure, this icon appears.

Step 5:
Select Bowgart from one of the columns. There are two columns used to select the monster to breed. You can choose a Bowgart monster from any row. The level of the chosen monster doesn’t matter, but monsters with higher levels may have better luck.

Breeding two monsters that make up the elements of plants, water, and cold will give you a bogart. Examples of monster pairings that can successfully breed Bowgart are Potbelly + Maw, Mammott + Oaktopus and Toe Jammer + Furcorn. Alternatively, you can buy Bogart for 50 diamonds on the market.

Step 6:
Select Clamble in the other column. Select Clamble in the opposite column to select Bowgart. Bowgart and Clamble are the only monster pairings that can successfully breed and produce Shugabush Monster. The level of the chosen monster doesn’t matter, but monsters with higher levels may have better luck.

You can get Clamble by nurturing the two monsters that make up the plant, earth, and cold elements. Examples of monster pairings that can successfully breed Clamble are Potbelly + Drumpler, Noggin + Furcorn and Mammott + Shrubb. Or you can buy Clamble from the market for 50 diamonds.

Step 7:
Tap varieties. After selecting a monster, it’s at the bottom of the screen. The breeding structure starts flashing, indicating that the Bowgart and Clamble are breeding. The breeding period of Shugabush Monster is 35 hours. At the end of the breeding period, the Shugabush eggs are transferred to the nursery and ready for hatching.

Note: Shugabush is a legendary monster that is difficult to obtain. You will have to try again several times before receiving Shugabush through breeding. To increase your chances, you can purchase a wish torch from the structure and a friend can visit the island and light it up.

You can also brighten them for 2 diamonds. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like raising and waiting for Shugabush, you can buy Shugabush for 200 diamonds on the market.

Step 8:
Wait until the end of the breeding season. The breeding time of Shugabush Monsters is 35 hours. Shugabush eggs will be waiting for you at the nursery at the end of time.

To skip breeding and get Shugabush immediately, choose the option to pay 35 diamonds. Then you have the option to sell Shugabush or put it on the island.

Step 9:
Nursery school. You will be notified that the Shugabush eggs are hatched. Now you can choose to sell Shugabush or place Shugabush on Plant Island, Gold Island or Shugabush Island.

4. How to Breed a Punkleton

We finally confirmed the breeding combination of Punkleton Monster at My Singing Monsters. If you haven’t heard of Punkleton Monster, My Singing Monster is a limited edition monster that celebrates each Halloween.

The monster itself is a completely new design that is very different from the other monsters we’ve seen and can only be used temporarily. The breeding speed of this monster may be slightly lower depending on luck.

According to our classification, we can see that the speed is about 1-5-10. So, for 5-10 species, you can have one of these exclusive monsters for Song Island.

To breed Punkleton Monster, you need to know that this monster is only available on Plant Island, redecorated with the game’s Halloween Island. It will not work on other islands.

Breeding combinations for breeding Punkleton Monsters use T-Rox Monster and Bowgart Monster. Confirmed that this is the only combination that can raise this limited-edition monster.

The order of reproduction on the left or right does not affect the rate of reproduction, there is no evidence that it affects the probability of obtaining this monster. The level of the monster does not affect the probability of getting this monster. Giving this monster depends on the game.

So this was a small Breeding guide of Ghazt, Entbrat, Shugabush and Punkleton hopefully, this helped you to breed your favorite monsters. If you want to know how to breed all monsters in My Singing Monsters you can watch this video.


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