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The video game My Friend Pedro could be the best platform game you've ever seen. Partly because of its action and the best implementation of the "Bullet Time" mechanics, and partly because of the possibilities the game offers the player to implement his deadly arsenal of weapons. The game is already being celebrated as a combination of Max Payne games, John Woo movies and pure game action.

My Friend Pedro Focus

Reception and development

The release date of My Friend Pedro was June 20, 2019, and the game is currently available for Nintendo Switch and PC. His moments of combat in slow motion with a great shooting show already managed to win the hearts of all the main sources of criticism online. It is called an "independent jewel" and is praised for its elegant delivery and its glorious violence.

My Friend Pedro Gameplay 1

There are not many independent games on Nintendo Switch and even less that are so successful. This game was developed by the independent development studio DeadToast Entertainment, which is a glorified name for a single designer named Victor Agren. Victor published his game with Devolver Digital, which is an independent editor. In Nintendo Store, the change of My Friend Pedro costs $ 19.99 . On Steam, the game is currently offered as part of [19659002] Steam's Summer Offer and so far has cost a little less with overly positive reviews.


As mentioned, this is a shooting game in its core that uses the famous "bullet time" mechanics favorite of fans, perhaps the best way seen so far in video games. Bullet time became naturally famous for the trilogy of films Matrix and Max Payne and F.E.A.R. He was successfully taken to video games. series. Actually, Adult Swim Games released an earlier version of this game in 2014, under the name of MFP: My Friend Pedro, but it has now been revised and redesigned.

My Friend Pedro Gameplay 2

Players must cross several levels of platforms and face hordes of enemies While enemies will bathe you with hostile fire, the main attraction of this game is to get rid of them in an elegant and glorious way, while avoiding their fire return, similar to Gun Kata from the movie Equilibrium. One of the best features is the ability to bounce bullets of things, such as pans. Then, you throw the pan into the air and bounce your fire to kill the enemies that are on the other side of an impenetrable obstacle.

After the first version in 2014, the development of this title began immediately in 2015, but took a somewhat winding road to get here 4 years later. Its production was "turning on and off" and at first it was aimed at PC and Macintosh. Now, four years later, under the command of a man, this game got too positive reviews on the main sites and already accumulated quite the following.

My Friend Pedro Gameplay 3

A flaw in this great shooting show could be that, as of now, it is only a game for a player Unfortunately, this game is designed in such a way that it favors the elimination of NPC and displacement levels, not multiplayer. However, there is an online marker that, according to online sources, will enter your blood immediately. Players can compete for ranks, of which S is the highest. The game has 40 levels and each one is calculated separately for the rank and the best time, which gives it a lot of competitive potential.


While My Friend Pedro Switch and PC are modest in terms of striking patterns and bright and polished textures, what they lack in images make it up in a glorious presentation, several times. Some really amazing touches will make you get used to its graphics and you will quickly forget about it, and you will focus on what is important, and that will feed your enemies with your bullets. action enthusiasts. If you like Matrix and Equilibrium movies, and you enjoy bullet time and endless shooting, this game is for you. It is a sky of arms. It is not yet known whether or not the game will go through other platforms, such as mobile phones.

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