My 10 Favorite AutoHotKey Scripts to Make Life Easier

AutoHotKey is one of the best Windows automation programs that can do the simplest of tasks. AutoHotKey is a free open source program that uses its own scripting language to automate routine Windows tasks. The "scripting language" sounds intimidating, but it's easy to use and can do all the cool stuff.

I will share the most commonly used AutoHotKey scripts that make daily tasks a little easier. And it will help.

Before you begin Assume you already know how to install and configure AutoHotKey. ; The line that begins with is a comment.

1. Google Search Shortcut

We thought right when we replaced the unused and underutilized Caps Lock key with a dedicated search button that searches both computers and Google. With the Chromebook spirit, you can turn your Caps Lock key into a Google search key.

The following script will automatically search for text by highlighting the text slightly Ctrl + Shift. + C :

2. AutoCorrect

When Windows was there, the smartphone has now evolved to the point where the touch screen and AutoCorrect are embedded. Do not want to autocorrect on Windows 10?

You can find the following in the script store of Autohotkey: It is an auto-fix script that contains thousands of common spelling errors that most people can easily create.

Here is the script download link: You must press Ctrl + A to select all the items in the script, then copy them to the Notepad file and save them as "AutoCorrect.ahk".

3. Most users except for

F2 (Rename), F5 (Refresh) and F11 Do not use. ] (Full screen of browser). With AutoHotKey, you can reuse features that do not use a variety of features, such as running a web page, launching a program, and so on. For example, to start Snagit, Sublime Text, Photoshop, Calculator, Thunderbird, etc.

using function keys, use the script below.

4. Quickly open web pages

You can create your own custom shortcuts to launch your favorite websites just like you would run your favorite programs, for example Start MakeTechEasier using Ctrl + Shift + T Start your favorite web page with the following script: Do not forget: MakeTechEasier run
^ + t :: Run "" ; Ctrl + [Shift] + [Shift] + [Shift] ] + [Shift] + [Shift] + [Shift] + [Shift] + [Shift] [Ctrl] [Shift] [Ctrl] [Shift] [Ctrl] [Ctrl] [Shift] [Ctrl] Alt Open Find Folder

Open a web page and a program, but with a simple shortcut For example, most of us can access the download folder frequently and use the simple script below to make it easier to create. If you want to change the shortcut and folder path
d: "C: Users Vamsi Downloads" Run ; ctrl + shift + d

6. If you are in the Move Up Folder

folder in File Explorer, you may need to move it up one folder. In previous versions of Windows, the backspace key completed the operation, but pressing the backspace key returns to the previous version. This is useful for many people, but I do not want to move the folder by clicking on the little icon, so I move the folder by clicking the middle mouse button using the script below.

If desired, also


7 Recreate the useless tilde (~) keys on your keyboard. Volume Control

I like the keyboard without a multimedia key, but it is somewhat inconvenient to lack the volume control buttons. Therefore, use the following script to control the system volume:


8. Setting the default state of the lock key

You can easily set the default or permanent status of the lock key on your keyboard using AutoHotKey (for example, turn off Caps Lock, turn on Num Lock, and turn off Scroll Lock)

Reconfigure Caps Lock

After disabling Caps Lock, you can reconfigure it to act as a key Shift Caps Lock To reconfigure the key, use the following script:

10. Empty Recycle Bin

You can use the script below to empty the Recycle Bin. This simple script will not work with the mouse.

 “/> [19659004] 11. The top of the window Always

Sometimes you want to always show a window that is in the middle of a working or focused window, for example, you frequently access the calculator application when working in a spreadsheet, AutoHotKey makes it easy to do this with a single line of code