Multi Calculator v1.6.14 build 190 [Premium Mod] APK Free Download

Multi Calculator is the best calculator application with many useful calculators and converters. Multi Calculator v1.6.14 Build 190 [Premium Mod] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Download the full APK of Multi-Calculator v1.6.14 build 190 [Premium Mod].

Multi-Calculator v1.6.14 Build 190 Overview and Functions [Premium Mod]

Multi-Calculator v1.6.14 Build 190 [Premium Mod] Please read the following before downloading the APK.

Abstract: Multiple Calculator is the best calculator application with many useful calculators and converters.
Try this powerful calculation and intuitive and sophisticated application.

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Android Wear can use standard calculator and currency converter.
The calculator list contains:
✓ Standard calculator
• Maintain the function of the pocket calculator and add parentheses and some mathematical operators
• Remember the last calculation condition, Check.
✓ Currency Converter
• Real-time exchange rate offer
• When the exchange rate is updated, you can use the currency converter offline.
✓ Interest Calculator
• Provides various options for interest calculation: installment savings, periodic savings, simple interest, compound interest, etc.
• Enhanced compounding. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly options are available.
• If you are wondering how to collect $ 100 million in five years, try the Future Value feature.
✓ Anniversary Calculator
• Record the anniversary with your photo!
• View as D-day or day count
• Add photo widget to home screen
✓ Discount Calculator
• Calculate with additional discount
✓ Loan Calculator

• Set interest only period
• All types of mortgages, such as auto loans. ✓ Unit calculator
✓ Health calculator
✓ Healthy body ✓ Unit calculator
✓ Supports length, area, weight, volume, temperature, time, speed, pressure, force, work, angle, (19459012) • Tip Calculator
• Tips and Split Calculation
• BMI, BFP and Ideal Weight Calculation
on one screen • Easy to switch between metric and English systems

• Separate sales tax and bill and calculate tip.
✓ Value-Added Calculator
• Calculate VAT quickly and easily.
✓ Fuel Economy Calculator
• You can calculate fuel economy, distance, and forecast. Fuel Amount & Cost
✓ Shopping Calculator
• Make Shopping List and Calculate Right During Shopping
✓ Size Converter
• Clothing / Shoes / Pants / Shirts / Bras / Hats / Rings in Most Countries It helps to convert the size.
• Do not forget the size with memo
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New features:
Added Favorites feature to the calculator menu
– Improved stability
Mode information:
Optimized graphics and resources for quick loading
Unlock premium features
Disable Analytics / Crashlytics
Confirm Premium Purchase Removal
No Google Play services required
Force Promotion Disable more app ads
This app has no ads.

Multiple Calculators v1.6.14 Build 190 [Premium Mod] APK – Technical Details

Full Multi Calculator v1.6.14 Build 190 [Premium Mod] You can read the technical APK details before starting the APK download.

Multiple Calculators v1.6.14 Build 190 [Premium Mod] APK Free Download

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