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MPL, short for Mobile Premier League, is a mobile esports game for iOS and Android platforms where you play against other players and everyone bets and whoever wins gets the money. The game contains all kinds of mini games, from puzzles to baseball, many of which are clones of apps you may have already downloaded.

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In most cases, you will need to deposit real money to get real money, but there are ways to earn bonus cash and use it in-game, most importantly by using codes. Codes can be redeemed for free bonus money, which can be used as a prize after betting.

Read our code listings, how to find more, and how to use them in the Mobile Premier League!

You must use this referral code before registering for an account or logging in. When you first download and open the app, there is a button that says “Have a referral code?” before logging in. When you click this button, a text box will appear asking you to enter the code.

If you already have an account, you must log out. There doesn’t seem to be a way to log out of the game at this time, so you’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

After reinstalling, launch the game to return to the login screen. From there, enter the code in the text box above and then log in to the account you used to redeem the offer.

Currently, each player can only use one referral code per account. This is to ensure they don’t end up with an unlimited amount of bonus cash. However, the bonus cash you get by using the code is still a lot of free money.

So, where can I find the referral code? Basically anywhere a player posts about a game. If you look at the official Facebook page, the comments on every post are flooded with referral codes.

Twitch and YouTube are also good sources. This is because esports betting games like this are very popular on both platforms. If you see a contact author you like, they’ll either share the invite code at the end of the video or share the invite code inside the video description.

The reason everyone wants to share their referral code is that when someone uses your code, they get $10 worth of bonus cash just like them. Both you and other players benefit from this arrangement. Ideally, everyone who has played this game should use the referral code.

This game has almost unlimited referral codes. Here is my referral code:


If you have your own referral code, you can also put it in the comments section!

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