Mozilla is fixing a bug that stopped Firefox extensions from working

Last night Firefox users knew there was a problem with their browser. You can not install extensions, and existing add-ins do not work. Mozilla says the issue is due to certificate expiration and is working to resolve the issue.

In a blog post, Mozilla has identified problems and started distributing fixes for users. "Fixes will be automatically applied in the background in the next few hours You do not have to take aggressive action to make the add-on work again " (Mozilla's emphasis) Do not reinstall. data. Published fixes do not apply to Firefox ESR or Firefox for Android, and Mozilla tries to release a patch.

Mozilla says it must use the research system to quickly fix errors and re-enable them if they are disabled. This post will walk you through the steps you need to take to make sure that the user is actually there and that it has been applied. The company also says it is doing a fix that does not include this system.

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