MoviePass is staffed by dogs now, apparently

It was the first year of MoviePass, a movie subscription service provided indefinitely. According to reports, the company, which has more than 3 million subscribers in a deal that can watch movies in a movie less than $ 10 a month, is losing money with huge amounts of money. In 2018, the company repeatedly revised its basic subscriptions, forced its annual subscriber to a monthly plan, and repeatedly reported lack of funding, then plummeted its share price.

The most recent parent companies, Helios and Matheson, are faced with class action and fraud investigations from shareholders and are able to offer MoviePass a limited service that has moved away from the toxic response to more and more people by bringing it to a separate company.

But obviously the company has a solution. Cute puppy.

moviepass is staffed by dogs now apparently

The latest email to subscribers is an attempt to disarm and delight them with the puppy. The above image has been sent to you with the following message:

Woof! I am Chloe, Director of MoviePass Barketing. I would like to explain why I may have had a "stupid" experience with us from time to time. However, I can not say I am a dog. What I do know is that this person can improve and make MoviePass as fast as possible. We appreciate your support and support while they work. We're listening. We are learning. We are changing.

At first, it was not the first time a company was trying to fascinate a nuisance customer with a soft message, or when the company first tried to get the affection for a dog close to the product. 1973 set the standard for marketing by mimicking the cover of National Lampoon ), there is something specially designed and sponsored for this particular attempt at corporate bias.

In a literal sense, the irregular service of MoviePass means that there are other subscribers who do not actually watch the movie, and that some of the senior staff can be involved. Dogs are cute, but historically speaking, they have not proven to be particularly talented when running a company. (Most companies do not even have a Barketing department, but they're probably not mission-critical, and Chloe implies that the real-life function of a real company is in human hands.)

But more importantly, The cutesy, disingenuous tone, and utter ambiguity about its obvious change is reminiscent of a rude company history for the user base: exaggerate cinema values ​​by making meaningless numbers; Blocks access to certain theaters and certain movies without warning to manipulate the market. Claiming to collect data about users and not to use that information. You will still be charged after canceling. We made unpopular decisions on corporate emails that blamed app errors and technical flaws.

MoviePass has had a year-long hardship, and this very light, bizarre attempt is unusually tricky and tricky. Bad dog, Chloe. Bad dog.

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