MoviePass is now forcing former users to opt out of new plan or risk being charged

The latest attempt to maintain a user base that is having trouble with MoviePass, a theater subscription service, is another form of change in the monthly plan. However, this time, the company automatically announces previous subscribers who have stopped the service, announcing that they will be subscribed to a "select test group" to test MoviePass versions similar to the day test plan originally chosen by the company.

The company, which was first unveiled last month from an email sent to select a MoviePass customer who decides not to opt for the company's modified three-movie monthly plan, says, "We've decided to register new subscribers for the new subscription. MoviePass does not accept until Thursday, October 4, and requires you to decline the plans you registered with in advance.

MoviePass is basically a game where you have to pay for cash In July, I suffered a massive loss that could only be done with an inevitable brick wall. Since then, the company has launched a few options to start making three movies per month for the standard option of $ 9.95, offering a few options. The company has announced that customers will limit their choice of movies as well as the number of movies they can view in a month. MoviePass now rotates new movies and restricts certain movies during the first few weeks of release.

It's clear that MoviePass thinks that a user whose service has expired is interested in testing a restored version of the unlimited service. According to the email, once a day the allowance is still new to MoviePass Based on their existing inventory, which means they will not be able to watch popular videos in the last few weeks of being released. The MoviePass app tells existing subscribers that the movies they can see at my local AMC theater are literally only available at 4:30 pm PT, It is useless to be able to watch 30 movies per month when you can only see one movie per month. Animation Movie Smallfoot Show me.

MoviePass has a long history of dealing with cancellations, refunds, and changes to the opaque Terms of Service. The Company claims that TOS provides free sovereignty to change all aspects of the Service, regardless of whether you are joining or when the next billing cycle will occur. MoviePass realized that it needed to change the membership duration for its annual membership before the new billing cycle began. This is a legal action and the company offers a refund or converts to a paid monthly plan.

Previously confusing and seemingly non-stop members who canceled the service during the service change period in August automatically returned to the new plan. The company is due to a "bug" in the service. Long before the problem began to bother MoviePass last summer, users reported almost non-existent customer service that could solve problems and resolve issues such as refunds and service interruptions.

In other words, this new movement of MoviePass is at least transparent in the brazen thirst for additional subscription revenues in just one month but can be another disadvantage. If MoviePass does not opt-out, it will be canceled and will not be able to join again in 9 months, but it appears to be in violation of the previous paragraph. "Unless you opt out, your unlimited subscription will be restored." So if you are still an existing MoviePass subscriber or expired subscriber, it's time to cancel your credit card and unlink it from your mobile app. If not, we are not sure whether the company will try to charge you next.

The email for the new "select" test group in MoviePass is:

In August 2018, we announced three movies a month at $ 9.95. Subscribers can agree to this plan. They wanted to continue with MoviePass subscribers. However, the records indicate that the subscription has been paused and the monthly subscription fee stopped because we have not taken any action on the new plan yet.

We hope to restart the MoviePass subscription. Beginning Friday, October 5th, we were selected as part of a select group of tests restored to unlimited movies (up to one new movie title per day based on existing inventory). You have joined and enjoyed before. If you decide you do not want this, you must "opt-out" until 9:00 PM on Thursday, October 4th.

Unchecked to restore unlimited subscriptions and enjoy unlimited movies (one movie per day based on existing inventory), $ 9.95 per month, and credit card usage for files starting Friday, October 5, 2018 You will be charged in units.

Unselecting Restore Unlimited Plan subscriptions cancels your subscription and no longer results in & # 39; Suspended & # 39 ;. You will not be able to sign up again until 9 months.

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