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Motorola’s One Action tries to stuff a GoPro into a smartphone

Motorola’s One Action tries to stuff a GoPro into a smartphone

Motorola introduced its line of cheap "One" phones last year, and today announces the latest model: the Motorola One Action, which (by name) seems to stand out from the crowd by offering similar videos to quality action cameras on a smart phone

The "Action" in the name refers to the third rear camera: a dedicated ultra-wide video camera with a 177-degree field of view that is designed to record videos as a GoPro. Motorola is doing some things here to make the Action different from normal cell video, starting with the lens itself.

The super wide field of view exists, but Motorola has also physically rotated the sensor, which means that when you hold the One Action vertically, the camera frame records video horizontally (and vice versa). It's a small, but smart change that should help customers maximize the unique hardware here. Motorola is also pushing some software-side algorithms to offer what it calls "Enhanced Video Stabilization" to reduce instability while filming. We will have to see how all that works in the real world, but it is an interesting idea for a smartphone.

The rest of the specifications for One Action are more in line with what you would expect from a cheap Android phone, with a 6.3-inch FHD + panel that has a perfect cut for a 12-megapixel camera. The other two rear cameras are also equally common: a 12-megapixel main lens and a 5-megapixel depth sensor for portrait effects.

In a leap from the norm, the Motorola One Action works with a Samsung Exynos 9609 processor, not one of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets. To round, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of on-board storage, a USB-C port (although without a headphone jack) and a 3,500 mAh battery

The software side is also seeing some changes. Despite the "One" brand in the name, One Action will only ship with Android One internationally: the North American version that will go on sale in the US. UU. And Canada sometime in October will have Android 9 Regular Foot, and will not have the guarantee of future operating system updates that Android One phones have.

Unlike the Moto E, G and Z lines, which have pretty clear expectations, the Motorola One brand is a little harder to pinpoint. The specifications are at the top end of the spectrum of cheap phones, similar to Moto G or Z, but the hardware, at least so far, has tended to be a bit more experimental than the standard Moto brand phones.

The Motorola One Action will be available starting today in Brazil, Mexico and "several European countries" starting at € 259 (approximately $ 288), followed by launches in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It will also go to the USA. UU. And Canada (without Android One software) sometime in early October, although the price in North America has not yet been announced.

Photograph by Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge.

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