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The pre-registration of League of Legends: Wild Rift has been open for several days, since the game seems to have aroused great interest throughout the community and even in general. Riot Games, owned by Tencent, recently revealed its plan to introduce many new games in the next year, as well as to make the transition to other platforms. Therefore, will take LoL to mobile phones and consoles by 2020 according to their announcement. In addition, other games of other genres will be included, but only a few details about this particular project have been made public.

  League of Legends Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift of Riot Games for Android and it is promised that iOS (and consoles) will arrive within a year from now. The company really revealed that this project was in process for some time now in secret, because this was not just an adaptation of the game to other platforms. They are completely rebuilding the game. "From scratch" were the words used since this next version of LoL will be much more advanced in terms of appearance and will have many improvements in mechanics, but will it keep the game central?

Well, Riot said it is an "upcoming online multiplayer battlefield (MOBA) for mobiles," which means it's the same game. It will only adapt naturally for a faster game, which is mandatory for mobile games. Like Tencent & # 39; s Arena of Valor, which helped set standards for mobile MOBA, the gameplay must be agile, fast, fluid, easily accessible through mobile controls, but also more advanced because gender You need to move forward in order to use the mobile market. Similarly, bringing LoL to consoles will require a complete renewal of controls and mechanics, but also visual elements and other adjustments related to the system.

LoL mobile will have the double thumb control scheme, familiar to other games of the genre on mobile platforms. In addition, Wild Rift will bring 40 familiar characters from the existing list of champions at the start, and more to come later. Other details are still hidden, but it seems that the game is not that far away.

  League of Legends Wild Rift

So, what we can expect is an improved version of LoL for mobile phones and consoles within the next 12 months or so. According to online sources, beta and alpha public tests are expected to begin in the coming months, which seems promising. League of Legends: Wild Rift mobile will be a free game and will be launched worldwide, from the beginning. Players from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and citizens of Macao and Hong Kong are already offered bonus rewards if they register at launch.

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