Moleskine’s latest smart notebook connects with your Dropbox account

Moleskine's latest collaboration is dropbox for smart notebooks that use the companion camera app to send journal pages to an attached Dropbox account. When you take a page photo of a Moleskine + Dropbox Smart Notebook using the Moleskine Page Camera app (for iOS and Android), the page will appear as an image, vector, or text file in your dropbox.

Dropbox Smart Notebook is a foul on Moleskine's existing smart laptops. Do things like Creative notebook or Evernote. The Smart Note page is lined with tiny dots that help you recognize text, and there are squares in the corners to help the camera sort the journal content. Taking a picture of a regular journal with your phone camera does not add more than you can get, but you can save an extra step. If you are backing up journal pages carefully, you may want to use them as quick shortcuts.

Moleskine + Dropbox smart laptops are currently available online at $ 29.95 for general and court cases.

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