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Mobile Strike is a free, themed, war-themed multiplayer game that comes in the right place if you want to dominate the battlefield,. Mobile Strike is available on both iOS and Android devices and is famous for its ads featuring the action film veteran (former governor of California) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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It’s also an addictive competitive game, so we’ve collected essential tips and tricks (and cheeky cheats) to help you dominate the battlefield.

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About Mobile Strike

Most likely, you’ve seen TV commercials from Mobile Strike, especially TV stars starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you’re addicted to or wondering about mobile strike advertising, there’s everything you need to know to jump into the game!

Game goal

The main goal of Mobile Strike is to build the largest, most powerful and powerful military command center. Start the game with just a few buildings, but you can build more buildings quickly and scale your base on a massive scale. As with most simulation games, the more structures you build and the more infantry you train, the more resources your military base needs to meet demand. You can get more resources by building certain buildings.


There are 5 main resources you need to play the game: stone, oil, iron, food, coins. Most buildings require stones, oil, iron and coins to build or upgrade, but training units usually only need food and coins.

Building providing resources

As the demand in the city increases, it is necessary to speed up the production of the five resources, and you can do so by building or upgrading these buildings.

Quarry: Building or upgrading the quarry will increase the stone output.
Oil wells: building or upgrading oil wells will increase oil production.
Iron Mine: Building or upgrading your iron will increase your iron production.
Farm: Build or upgrade your farm to increase food production.
Bank: Build or upgrade your bank to increase your coin production.

If you can’t build more production buildings due to lack of resources, you can always disband your troops or dismantle some buildings to reduce maintenance costs and recover some resources. Another way to get resources is to occupy empty resource buildings like quarries and oil wells on the world map.

The higher the resource level, the more resources you can get from that location, but the longer it takes to collect them.

Waiting time

Everything in Mobile Strike happens in real time, so every moment in the game is one minute in real life. It’s important to understand that almost everything you do in the game takes time. Building structures, building upgrades, unit training, and researching new talents require a lot of time and effort.

Many large projects can take up to several hours to complete. An item called SpeedBoosts can help you reduce latency and reduce the countdown time of your desired project. When you start a new game, a few speed boosts are provided for free, sometimes from the supply box.


What army does not have a strong leader? The commander is the leader of an army base and will level up when completing quests. When the commander raises the level, he gets a skill score that can be used to teach the commander’s skills.

Technology helps in a variety of ways by increasing resource production, reducing building waiting times, lowering unit training costs, and providing a variety of useful abilities. Attack statistics increase if you send commanders together when attacking other bases or capturing empty resource buildings in the world app.


A big part of the mobile strike is to level up the commander. Complete quests to gain commander experience. Complete various quests such as building or upgrading specific structures, training specific units, increasing resource production, and more! Check the Quest tab frequently and make sure you are always working towards your goal.

Premium currency

Mobile Strike has one premium currency and is gold. Gold allows you to skip waiting times for project building, unit training and new talent research. Gold is very hard to come by without buying, so keep the money you get at the start of the game as long as possible.

Mobile Strike is a complex game

Gamers who are used to playing other real-time strategy games like¬†Clash of Clans game, or Strike of Nations Empire of Steel, can handle them better than others. The in-game tutorial is a bit confusing, but Mobile Strike has a “How to play” guide in the “Add” tab at the bottom of the screen. This guide will explain everything about the game in detail, so if you are confused, we recommend checking it out.

You can download Mobile Strike game for Android and iOS.

Click here for Android.

Click here for iOS.

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