Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2021: Best Heroes July 2021 –

Start your ML Adventure and wonder who will be the best heroes of 2021? Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2021: Read about Heroes Tier Ratings for July 2021!

Mobile Legends: Adventure Tier List

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The ML Legends: Adventure game features almost every character from the original ML game. There are Epic Heroes, Elite Heroes, and Normal Heroes. All of these heroes have unique skills and have special attributes and powers. For example – Tank, Heal, Damage, AoE, Crowd Control, etc. If you are going to play this game for a long time, you should focus on the best heroes of Mobile Legends Adventure. Now let’s dive deeper into Hero Tiers and how to roll back the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2021 and Reroll Guide!

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Mobile Legends Adventure Reroll Guide⇓

In this part we will learn how to reroll, when to reroll, and what to reroll.

How to roll back in ML: Adventure: –

  • Go to Lobby (Home Screen)
  • Tap on your portrait – it’s in the upper-left corner of the game screen.
  • Shortcut to settings
  • Tap the Server button
  • Go to all tabs to see all servers
  • Choose a new server and the game will start from scratch.

Keep going until you get the best hero/hero you want.

When do you roll again?

It is recommended to roll again after the second 10-draw. You can earn diamonds by completing daily quests, achievements and campaign mode chapters. Draw 10 costs (2500) diamonds. In the Sanctuary of Wishes, you can select 10 heroes from the premium summon banner, and you can get higher tier heroes. The drop rate is not very good: –

  • 5 stars – 5%
  • 4 stars – 8%
  • 3 stars – 45%
  • 2 stars – 42%

It is better to use batch pools (10-draw) rather than individual pools that cost 280 diamonds. Now let’s take a look at the Mobile Legends Adventure tier list!

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2021: Best Heroes Tier Ratings for July 2021⇓

This Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2021 ranks all the heroes in the game into 5 main tiers. These are Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5. The Tier 1 list shows the list of ML Adventure heroes that are OP/Toughest in the final game in both PvE and PvP game modes. Tier 2 Heroes are the best Heroes and Tier 3 lists the heroes who do well but are not the best/OP. Tier 4 lists average heroes and Tier 5 lists heroes not worth investing in. Now without further ado, let’s check out our ML Adventure Tier List 2021. –

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List: Tier 1 Heroes⇓

The Tier 1 listing shows the best/OP/best ML Adventure Heroes list from the final game in PvE and PvP game modes.

  • Lunax – Tier 1
  • Yu Zhong – Tier 1
  • Anna – Tier 1
  • Shar – Stage 1
  • Matisse – Tier 1
  • Akashic – Tier 1
  • Tia – Tier 1

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Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List: Tier 2 Heroes⇓

Tier 2 heroes are the best heroes but not the OP.

  • Valer – Tier 2
  • Belleric – Tier 2
  • Odette – Stage 2
  • Lolita – Tier 2
  • Angela – Tier 2
  • Complete – Tier 2
  • Jask – Step 2
  • Gabbana – Tier 2
  • Carry – Tier 2
  • X Vogue – Stage 2
  • Alpha – Tier 2
  • Uranus – Tier 2
  • Gushion – Tier 2
  • Guinevere – Tier 2
  • Nana – Step 2
  • Acai – Stage 2
  • Clint – Tier 2
  • Argus – Tier 2
  • Alice – Tier 2
  • Granger – Tier 2
  • Lilia – Tier 2
  • Bexana – Tier 2
  • Aurora – Tier 2
  • Estes – Tier 2
  • Karihmet – Stage 2

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Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List: Tier 3 Heroes⇓

Tier 3 lists heroes that are good but not the best/OP.

  • Tamuz – Stage 3
  • Karina – Stage 3
  • Kagura – Stage 3
  • Leslie – Tier 3
  • Hanabi – Tier 3
  • Harley – Tier 3
  • Saber – Tier 3
  • Chang’e – Step 3
  • Fanny – Step 3
  • Freya – Step 3
  • Hylos – Stage 3

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Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List: Tier 4 Heroes⇓

Tier 4 lists average heroes.

  • Claude – Tier 4
  • Zilong – Stage 4
  • Gadokka – Stage 4

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List: Tier 5 Heroes⇓

Tier 5 lists heroes not worth investing in.

  • Hanzo – Stage 5
  • Moscow – Stage 5
  • Minsitar – Level 5
  • Lancelot – Tier 5
  • Soon-Shin Lee – Tier 5
  • Lapu – Lapu – Tier 5
  • Gord – Tier 5
  • Cardita – Step 5
  • Badang – Tier 5
  • Diggy – Tier 5
  • Helkert – Level 5

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List of old tiers (don’t take it seriously)

Lolita – the best tank

Lolita is one of the best tanks in Mobile Legends: Adventure game. She has amazing shield skills that increase her survivability on the battlefield. As a result, Lolita absorbs most of the damage she takes from her enemies. In addition to shield skills, Lolita has AoE, Crowd Control (Stun), and Burst DMG Skills.

  • Ultimate – Receives a shield equal to 490% of attack power and attacks the enemy after charging, dealing damage and stunning them for a few seconds.
  • Passive – Shield Lolita – If there is an ally next to Lolita, they also receive a shield.
Gadokka – Tank

Gatotkaca is one of the best tank-class heroes in ML: Adventure. It shines on the battlefield with powerful crowd control skills such as enemy attack speed reduction, provocation, and counterattack. Also deals significant damage to enemies.

  • Ultimate – Deals massive damage to enemies within range and knocks them into the air.
  • Passive – Sacrifice HP for armor and recover HP when counterattacking.
Hylos – Tank

One of the most powerful heroes in the game – self-healing – regenerating and buffing skills. His stats are great, making him the best hero in ML: Adventure. Let’s take a look at his skills.

  • Ultimate – His ultimate does two things. Healing and Buff Alliance. Hylos forms a passage and recovers HP equal to a certain amount of his magic power while standing on it. And the given buff increases the ally’s magic power and attack power.
  • Skill – Inflicts magic damage to the enemy and stuns them.
  • Passive AoE – Summons a ring of punishment, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.
  • Passive – As magic power increases, Hylos’ maximum HP increases.
Grok – Tank

These giant creatures are hard to beat because of their high HP/DEF stats, which will help them survive longer in battle. He excels at AoE and Control skill effects. Let’s take a look at Grock’s technique. –

  • Ultimate – Deals physical damage to an enemy (area) and knocks them back.
  • Skill – Gives PHY DMG to all enemies in front and knocks them down.
  • Skill (2) – Area physical damage. If there is a front-line ally next to you, you become immune to control effects while accumulating energy and restore the front-line ally’s HP.
  • Passive – Buffs the front-line hero when there is a front-line ally nearby. Buff – Increases magic resistance, restores HP of all frontline heroes

So these are the best heroes we’ve gathered in this Mobile Legends: Adventure Tier List. Let’s take a look at the top healers or supporters who can heal or support allies during battle.

Estes – Healer

Estes is one of the best support heroes in the game. He has healing and support skills. Recovers allies’ HP with healing skills, and buffs the attributes of allies with support skills.

  • Recover ally’s health with ultimate
  • Heal the ally with the lowest HP with normal skills
  • Skill (2) – Summons a realm of the Moon Goddess at the enemy’s feet for a few seconds, dealing magic damage.
  • Passive – Linked allies gain a critical hit buff + bonus magic damage.
Angela – Healer/Support

Angela is a hero with powerful healing abilities and bonus skills, making her one of the best support-type heroes in the game. Let’s take a look at her magical skills that she can use on the battlefield for healing and bonuses/buffs. –

  • Ultimate – Attaches to the ally with the highest MP for a few seconds (the skill activates after a period of time). During this time she will not take any damage from her opponent. And, as a buff, gain MP + shield during this time. When the duration of the skill expires or the attached ally dies, Angela returns to her original position.
  • Skill – HP recovery of allies, magic damage
  • Skill (2) – Inflicts magic damage to the enemy and stuns them.
  • Passive – CD Reduction + Magic Penetration
Raphaela – Support

Raphaela is an elite hero with healing and magic damage skills.

  • Ultimate – Summons a holy light to heal yourself and allies with low HP. She uses her magical powers to restore HP to other allies.
  • Skill – Summons holy light to attack enemies, dealing magic damage and stunning them.
  • Skill (2) – Area magic damage
  • Passive – ally buff – increase magic power and physical power

Heroes belonging to the Marksman class attack enemies from a distance. Use ranged weapons such as guns, bows, and cannons. It belongs to the DPS category. So if you need a strong DPS hero with a ranged weapon, you should use it. Heroes belong to the Marksman class. We have listed the ML: Adventure Top Tier Marksman Heroes below.

Clint – sniper
  • Epic Hero
  • Ultimate – Throws a grenade and deals physical damage.
  • Skill – Throws a smoke bomb, dealing physical damage.
  • Skill (2) – Fires a hunting net at the nearest enemy and pulls it back, causing PHY DMG and Immobilize Effect.
Leslie – sniper
  • Epic Hero
  • Ultimate – Locks the enemy with the lowest HP and fires a total of 4 shots, dealing physical damage.
  • Skill – Increase ATK and CRIT DMG when entering camouflage state
  • Skill (2) – Throw a grenade and deal physical damage.
Carrie – Sniper
  • elite hero
  • Ultimate – Attacks the enemy with the highest HP 4 times, dealing physical damage. Then she enters Dual Wield Mode for a bonus DMG from her basic attacks.
  • Skill – Unlocks Flywheel (Her Weapon) – Causes PHY DMG
  • Skill (2) – Charges towards an ally and releases the light wheel toward the enemy with the highest HP limit, dealing physical damage.

Moskov – Sharpshooter

  • Epic Hero
  • Ultimate – Fires a spear of destruction, dealing physical damage to enemies.
  • Skill – Grants attack speed buff, physical damage to enemies, additional damage to enemies marked with basic attacks
  • Skill (2) – Damage, knockback, stun effect
Layla – sniper
  • elite hero
  • Super – Fire Cannonball – Deals physical damage to the enemy.
  • Skill – Detonate enemies by firing bombs
  • Skill (2) – Slows enemies and deals physical damage.

Iridel – Sharpshooter

  • Epic Hero
  • Ultimate – AoE DMG, lowers enemy’s armor
  • Season 1 – Area Damage
  • S2 – Buffs allies’ attacks
  • Passive – Gain 300 PTS of energy at the start of battle.
ML: Adventure Rating List – Best Fighter/Melee Hero-

Unlike the marksman class, melee class heroes attack from close range. They use melee weapons, such as knives, to cut through enemies. Here is a list of the best heroes belonging to the fighter class:

  1. Argus – Epic – AoE, PHY DMG, Self-Buff
  2. X.Borg – Epic – Burst PHY DMG, AoE, Control Effect
  3. Zilong – Epic – Self Buff, PHY DMG, Control Effect
  4. Alucard – Elite – Vampire
  5. Minsitar – Epic – CC
Mobile Legends: Adventure Best Wizard Characters: –

The greatest strength of wizard characters is the skills they have. List of the best wizards or casters in Mobile Legends: Adventure –

  1. Balir – Epic – Burst
  2. Chang’e – Epic – Burst
  3. Cardita – Epic – Burst
  4. Eudora – Elite – AoE DMG
  5. Odette – Epic – AoE DMG
  6. Alice – Epic – Damage
Best Assassin: –
  • Helkurt
  • Lancelot
  • force
  • Aldous

These are the upper tier heroes of the game. Removed old hero ranks. Do you have any suggestions or feedback or hero info not mentioned here? Please leave a comment below.

OK Type Heroes: –
  • Aurora – Wizard – Burst DMG
  • Akai – Tank – CC
  • Lapu – Fighter – DMG, CC
  • Yi Sun-Shin – Sniper – Control, DMG
Worst Heroes: –

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This is all in this post for Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2021. This article was last updated in 2021.

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