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ML: Are you new to adventure? Master all the mechanics with this Mobile Legends Adventure guide with tips, cheats and strategies for beginners.

ML: Adventure is Moonton’s newest title. In today’s post, we shared the Mobile Legends Adventure. guide and Mobile Legends Adventure Tips, cheats and strategies Pass all the stages and build the best team of heroes. This game features an idle game mechanic. It’s automatic, so you don’t have to do a lot of work in battle. However, there are many factors that determine victory, including strategically building your team and choosing your heroes. You will also learn how to strengthen your heroes, how to earn currency, game modes, and more. So don’t waste your time and go to our ML: Adventure guide!

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A mobile legend adventure guide for newcomers⇓

Mobile Legends Adventure Heroes Guide⇓

Mobile Legends: AdventureLet’s start with the Hero Guide. It’s really important to know about your hero’s class, specialization, and elements. Open the list of heroes by tapping the hero option in the upper right corner of the game’s main interface. Tapping on any hero will display that hero’s level, name, class specialization, stats, skills, and the number of resources required to upgrade/evolve. You can see the element in the lower left corner of your hero profile. Let’s start with classes and specialties. Each hero belongs to a class and has one or more specializations. You can check it out on the hero’s profile page. Let’s find out about everything:-

  • DPS – Damage per Second – This type of hero bursts or sustains DPS skills, dealing massive damage to enemies.
  • Control or CC or Crowd Control – Many heroes in ML: Adventure specialize in control. Heroes with skills can control enemies or trap them.
  • Tanker – A tank or hero with a class is a front-line unit that protects allies from behind and absorbs damage from enemies. Some tank-type units can deal significant damage (DPS tanks), control enemies and protect allies (control tanks).
  • Fighter Class – Attacker (attacking unit)
  • Mage – Magic Damage Dealer (attacking unit) – AoE Skills
  • Support – Healer (restores allies’ HP using skills), Buffer
  • Assassin – Damage Dealer (Single Target) – Can also attack enemies from behind.
  • Sharpshooter – medium range damage dealer with wide area skills and good survivability

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Element – type countering

Every hero in the ML: Adventure game belongs to one of the following types/elements:

  • Technology (blue)
  • martial arts (red)
  • light yellow)
  • dark purple)
  • Spirit (Green)

All of these factors have an opposite relationship. It’s like rock paper scissors. Spirits are strong against technical types, technical types are strong against martial arts, martial arts are strong against spirits, and light and darkness are strong against each other. The strongest types do 30% more damage. For example – if the enemy is a tech type, an elemental type hero will deal 30% more damage to him.

Hero Upgrade – Statistic Enhancement⇓

Mobile Legends: AdventureAs you progress through the campaign mode battles, the level of difficulty gradually increases and you need to strengthen your heroes. If you don’t know who the best hero of this game is ⇒ Check out the ML: Adventure rating list. Go to Hero menu -> All -> Select Hero to level up -> Upgrade. The upgrade cost is hero XP and gold coins. You can obtain Hero XP and Coins in Campaign Mode, Market, and Quest. When a hero reaches maximum level, you must evolve it to increase the level cap. Advanced Essence is required to evolve or rank up. It can be obtained from Campaign Mode, Market, and Tower of Babel.

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Mobile Legends Adventure Guide – Hero Fusion – Temple of Fusion⇓

Mobile Legends: AdventureFusion Gentlemen can use cloned heroes to start up main/original heroes. For example – to increase Clint’s star rating, you need more clones of Clint. In the process, you will fuse two duplicate heroes to increase the star level of the main/original/target hero. For example – from a 3-star hero to a 4-star hero.

Mobile Legend Equipment Adventure Guide – Equipment Upgrade⇓

Mobile Legends: AdventureHeroes can carry multiple pieces of equipment that increase stats like attack power, defense, HP, etc. These equipment can be obtained from Campaign Mode, Labyrinth Mode, Quests and Achievements. Go back to Hero List menu -> Select Hero -> Equipment – Quick Add. Tap the gear -> Upgrade. Note – Normal types of gear cannot be upgraded. Tap a gear to check the quality of the gear, whether it’s common or rare.

Equipment Coins are required to upgrade equipment. Equipment Coins can be obtained from Taverns, Campaigns, Markets, Labyrinths, and Dismantling Equipment.

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Mobile Legend Sanctuary Deconstruction Adventure Guide⇓

Here you can reset your hero and get all your resources back. For example – Suppose you’ve wasted a lot of resources developing lower tier heroes. You now have a high tier hero, but don’t have the resources to build it right away. In this case, you can reset the unused heroes and return all invested resources back to your inventory.

Character Disassemble – Here you can disassemble your character to get temple crystals. Tap the shop button in the lower left corner and use the gentleman crystal from there.

Equipment – Here you can dismantle useless gear and get equipment coins. Use these Equipment Coins to upgrade advanced or advanced equipment.

Relic Dismantling – N/A

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide To Labyrinth, Arena, Tower Of Babel, Tavern⇓

  • Labyrinth – A dungeon mode where you defeat monsters and get high-quality gear and other rewards. Diamonds, equipment coins. Tap the maze mode option on the screen and start the challenge. Tap tiles -> fight enemies, grab loot, clear all tiles and open doors to reach next level. You will also get blessings from some tiles that provide buffs to your troops. Choose your blessings wisely
  • Arena – Fight other players’ teams and earn rewards. Diamonds and gear coins by rank. Win and climb the arena leaderboards
  • Tavern – Send your heroes on bounty quests and get rich rewards. Equipment Coins, Hero Shards, Diamonds
  • Tower of Bable – Defeat gangs of monsters by moving floor by floor for coins, premium essences and diamonds.

How to get diamonds in Mobile Legends Adventure⇓

  • daily quests
  • Achievements
  • First stage clear reward
  • Exercise
  • pub
  • login event
  • event
  • watch video ads
  • Daily Free Pack

Diamonds are the premium currency for Mobile Legends: Adventure. You can use it to draw a hero from the wishing shrine. For more information, check out this ML: Adventure rating list.

Mobile Legends Adventure – How to Get Hearts⇓

  • Hearts are sent when you add a friend.

Click the Friends button at the bottom of the screen -> Add/Invite. Go to the List tab to request and send a heart. You can use hearts to summon heroes from the Sanctuary of Wishes.

That’s what ML: Adventure Guide for Beginners is all about. ML: Let’s look at adventure tips, cheats and strategies!

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Mobile Legends Adventure Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Build a Balanced Team

In the Hero Guide above, we have mentioned their professions and specialties. First, go to the hero list and read the hero details (class, specialization, and skill). In short, you should familiarize yourself with every hero you own. After that, choose according to your role: best tank (frontline unit), best DPS (damage dealer – AoE, burst damage, etc.), best supporter (healer, buffer), etc. You can add up to 5 heroes to your team. Add tanks to absorb damage and protect allies in the rear, add DPS to deal damage to enemies and add healers. Combination – 2 tanks + 2 DPS + 1 healer or 1 tank + 3 DPS + 1 healer. Try different combinations.

2.) Get Elemental Benefits

See the Type Counters/Elements guide above for more details. Get a 30% DMG bonus by checking enemy types and deploying powerful elemental heroes if you’re stuck on stage.

3.) AFK

This game is idle. Even if you don’t play a stage or any mode, your team can still get resources. If you get stuck, you will need to increase your hero stats, which will require a lot of resources. If you run out of resources and get stuck, go to AFK. All you need to do is collect idle rewards from time to time. Enter the campaign mode screen and tap the box in the lower right corner.

4.) Play all game modes

You can play various game modes. You can get rich rewards in all these game modes. For example – you get premium essences from the Tower of Babel, gear from the maze, diamonds and gear coins from the Tavern Arena.

5.) Join an active guild

When you join a guild, you can use the guild donation, guild boss, and guild shop features. Guild Currency can be used as Hero Pieces in the Guild Shop. And you can request and donate hero pieces. And get lots of rewards in boss mode.

6.) Watch a video ad for diamonds

Tap the free diamonds button in the lower left corner -> watch the video ad -> get free diamonds.

7.) Add Friends

You can add up to 30 friends (limit increases when earning VIP) and can send or receive hearts. Use hearts to summon heroes.

8.) Use automatic skill mode or use your skills wisely

When the hero reaches 6 star, the skill level can be raised. All heroes have powerful skills such as area damage, healing, buffs, and shields. Read the skill info in your profile and use them wisely in battle, or press the auto button at the bottom right of the battle screen to use your skills automatically.

9.) Get Faction/Class Bonuses

  • (5) Light Hero Deployment – ​​HP +15%, Magic Power +15%, Physical Attack +15%
  • Deploy Dark Hero (5) – HP +12%, Magic Power +18%, Physical Attack +18%
  • (5) Elemental Hero – Damage reduction +9%, MP (Magic) +20%, PA (Physical Attack) +20%
  • (5) Tech Hero – + 12% DMG, + 12% Damage Reduction
  • (5) Martial Arts Hero Deployment – ​​+ 10% CRIT DMG, +6% CRIT Ratio, + 16% HP
  • (2) Light+(3) Dark Hero or (3) Dark+(2) Light Hero – +8% Critical Damage, +5% Critical Strike Chance, +11% HP
  • (2) Martial Arts+(3) Elemental or (3) Martial Arts)+(2) Elemental – +10% HP, +10%+MP, +10%PA
  • (2) Tech+(3) Elemental or (3) Tech+(2) Elemental – +8% Damage Reduction, +11% PA, +11% MP
  • (1) Skill+(1) Light+(1) Dark+(1) Elemental+(1) Martial Arts – +8% HP, + 12% MP, + 12% PA

So these are some basic mobile legends: adventure tips for beginners. Any more tips? Feel free to share in the comments section below! Also see:

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