Best MMORTS Games for Android 2021

Massively Multiplayer Online Real time Strategy (MMORTS) is a combination of two genres: RTS and MMO in the form of a browser-based video games in which many players around the world interact with each other within the digital world.

About MMORTS Android Games

In MMORTS games, players often play the role of kings, generals or other types of characters, struggling to put their troops into large-scale battles and retain the resources needed for such wars as same like Like Clash of Clans,. The MMORTS games can take place in a fantasy or sci-fi world, distinguished from single or small multiple RTS by the number of players and the use of the continuous world.

The game comes with customization features that allow players to use multiple combinations to prepare avatars and earn experience points to unlock additional content. During gameplay, players can freely navigate the open world environment by creating their own empires, placing units, and commanding troops formed through numerous levels, competing with enemies for resources and glory.

Many best MMORTS video games include a living economy system that allows players to earn virtual currency and items through the game.

Here is the list of Best MMORTS Games for Android

1. Revenge of Sultans

Revenge of Sultans is a massively multiplayer online, real-time strategy and infrastructure building video game developed and published by ONEMT, for Android and iOS. The game takes on the role of a warrior in the fantasy world where you have to exert the power to build your own empire, collect troops and destroy your rivals. You can dive into the battlefield to reclaim your kingdom from the Arabian Peninsula.

According to the plot, the world was in turmoil and everyone expected you to be the next king. Now it is your responsibility to meet the requirements of citizens by defeating enemies to protect the ancient land. You can use multiple defenses, towers and command your units to attack enemies during gameplay.

The game rewards you with points that can be used to unlock additional content such as buildings, upgrades, and more. Participate in epic battles, explore the Arabian Desert, manage your resources, and more.

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2. Castle Clash: War Empire

Castle Clash: War Empire is a Best MMORTS Game for Android by IGG games,. The game offers both building and management elements, and players can build strategies to fight bases, fight enemies and write the fate of those around them. Players can hire or recruit powerful heroes, lead huge army and conquer the world against mythical creatures and all other enemies.

Castle Clash: War Empire has a base of more than 100 million online players and supports English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Korean. Prominent features are the evolution of heroes, epic bosses, basic defenses, encounters with epic mythical creatures and enemies, building elements that allow players to build castles and ultimately convert them into fortified fortresses.

Castle Clash: War Empire allows players to build an army based on multiple unit units, such as knights, warriors, and more. Castle Clash: War Empire lets you enjoy epic PvP battles, form alliances and enjoy fantastic multiplayer in guild based environments. Featuring brilliant graphics, addictive gameplay, and amazing MMORTS experience, Castle Clash: Age of Legends is one of the fantastic games.

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3. Jungle heat

Jungle Heat is a free MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online-Real Time Strategy) video game developed and published by BV. This game is available on Android and iOS gaming platforms. Jungle Heat allows you to explore and conquer neighboring settlements for military resources and many other things you need to grow and nourish your surrounding kingdom with guerrilla warfare and jungle environments.

To make your base stronger, you need to build structures (defense, lab, resources), train your troops, and attack them before they attack your enemies. The game offers three types of currencies (gold, oil, gems) to buy upgrades in the game for trading purposes. Jungle Heat offers a gameplay experience similar to the Roblox, and Clash of Clans games, and will be fun enough.

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4.Craft the World

Craft the World is an amazing sandbox construction management MMO and RTS simulation of the Black maple game. Simulation allows you to take care of the entire dwarf society, which turns into a fully developed community over time. Your mission is to explore the world around you, collect resources, craft other items such as battle with monsters, “weapons, vehicles, buildings”, discover new skills that equalize values and strengthen defenses. , Is to defeat the enemy.

You can occupy your own land and plunder your resources. Craft the World is one of the best games, with innumerable game levels full of pure best and fun, amazing amount of resources, sandbox aesthetics, awesome visuals, immersive gameplay and other cool stuff.

Download Craft the World for Android

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5. Lords and Castles

Lords and Castles, developed by Codigames, is a real-time strategy and massively multiplayer online video game for Android and iOS. The game provides an amazing environment and takes on the role of a ruler in the task of fighting to control the territory and make it a powerful nation.

Conquer the world to defeat your enemies and expand your empire during play. In the game, you can create buildings, mountains, caves, or place various structures in strategic locations. Recruit troops to defend your empire, order to plunder your resources against your enemies on the battlefield, and make your land your master. If your empire is well protected, use 20 different armies to attack your enemies.

To play the game, you have to provide all the facilities to keep people happy. Monarchs and Castles contain key features such as researching new skills, keeping people happy, and changing terrain.

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6. Transformers: Earth Wars

Transformers: Earth Wars is a mobile strategy, single player and multiplayer RTS video game developed and published by Backflip Studios, LLC for mobile devices like Android and iOS. The game is centered around two factions, good and evil. At the start of the game, the player must define his side, play the role of commander, and create a base for conquering the battlefield.

During gameplay, players can choose a character to form a team or join forces with transformer characters such as Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and more. The main task of the player is to use your army to crush the evil bots and fulfill your requirements to become a master.

Try to protect his base, discover new skills and destroy the enemy base. Each transformer character has a unique ability and a set of weapons that can be used to take down enemies. Transformers: Earth Wars includes key features such as building mix strategy gameplay, literacy, army recruiting, and more.

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7. Lords and Knights

Lords and Knights is an action adventure, MMORTS and browser-based video game from Xyrality GmbH. In this competition, players can take on the role of a hero, and the ultimate mission is to save the castle through battles with powerful enemy creatures. At the start of the game, players can choose their faction and enter the game world. In the game world, you have to build many builds and units.

After building, players can create their own army and lead them to battle. The gameplay of the game consists of several missions, each of which offers different challenging gameplay. It includes key features like a huge game world, upgrades, unlocking achievements, different modes, dozens of buildings and many other things.

Extremely addictive gameplay, well written storylines, excellent game controls and settings, and gorgeous visual details. Lords and Knights is one of the best MMORTS games to play and enjoy.

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8. Severance: Blade of Darkness

Severance: Blade of Darkness is a massively multiplayer online and real-time strategy video game created by NaturalMotionGames Ltd for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. It offers realistic and breathtaking gameplay like never before and invites you to control huge titans and countless other warriors in awesome games. At the start of the competition, you have to choose available characters, build a kingdom, recruit troops to defend the castle and explore the world to find resources.

You can arm your army with high gear and equipment and command them to the epic PvP arena. Fight your enemies, defeat them to plunder your resources, take your land and expand your kingdom. Complete the task to earn points and use them to purchase items available in the game.

The difficulty increases as the game progresses. You have to interact with other players to conquer your team or show off your abilities by conquering the kingdom. Blade of Darkness offers key features such as kingdom building, weapon loading, weapon combat, campaigns, and non-stop events.

Download Severance: Blade of Darkness for Android

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9. Unison League

Unison League is a free, MMORPG android game with RTS, city building, combat and fantasy based produced and published by Ateam Inc. At the start of the game, players can customize their character with a variety of weapons and join the game. The game world completes many missions to progress. The main task of the player in this game is to elicit his actions and prove to be the best.

Players can interact with other online players from around the world, team up and begin their adventures with powerful enemy creatures. In addition, players can battle other players in PvP and test their skills. Earn rewards as you complete numerous achievements to help players buy upgrades and unlock more achievements.

The Unison League includes key features such as various quests, guild battles, various resources, power-ups, playability, powerful enemies, and a variety of modes, including very addictive gameplay, well written stories, simple controls, and beautiful graphics. Provide details. Try it and enjoy the unique fusion of combat, real time strategy and MMO aesthetics.

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10. Blaze of Battle

Blaze of Battle is a real-time strategy and multiplayer video game for Android and iOS developed and published by Shenzhen Leyi Network Co, Ltd, which provides a beautiful world. Players take on the role of commander, raise troops, lead an army of powerful knights and dragons and fight for glory. During gameplay, players can join an alliance to talk and talk in real time with other players.

The world is full of players from all over the world and players can chance to make new friends. In the game, the player must control his commander, train the army and be ready to attack the enemy with gems and other valuables. Players have to build empires by placing buildings, digging gems and fighting for glory.

Blaze of Battle includes key features such as customization, massive troop gatherings, commanding dragons, summoning powerful knights, establishing strategies, and searching for new skills.

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11. Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War mixes Fantasy-based elements with Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy, developed and published by Plarium for Android and iOS. The game is played in a fictional kingdom, and players can create their own army and city to fight other players in clan-based wars. Players start on empty ground, build their own cities, recruit troops, collect resources, go to battlefields and conquer battlefields.

The army consists of spearmen, siege forces, knights, siege forces and other medieval figures. PvP and PvE modes exist to play and enjoy in the game. Players use resource research or research upgrades to improve their city, military and other assets. It offers a beautiful world of thousands of players around the world.

As the player progresses the game, other features are automatically unlocked. Players must earn experience points that can be used to purchase other equipment, tools and accessories. Throne: Kingdom at War offers key features such as multilanguage, HD graphics, free modes, productions, multiple units, and more.

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12. Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis

Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis is a massively multiplayer online, real-time strategy and zombie apocalypse video game developed and published by Coffey Studio for Android, Windows Mobile and iOS. The game takes place in a breathtaking world, centered around a terrible event where deadly mutant viruses spread from the lab to the entire city, making most people zombie-like creatures.

You will take on the role of a protagonist, a survivor who seeks out antiviruses and tries to defeat undead nightmares. Zombies are spreading and threatening humanity. As a hero you have to jump into the dead city and try to save the rest of the humans from the zombies. Shoot and kill zombies during gameplay and repair antivirus.

The game competes with thousands of players around the world around multiplayer building games. You have to build an empire and defeat zombies in multiple battles. Use weapons to attack zombies and defend your castle while manipulating the fantasy kingdom to become a powerful hero around the world.

Dead Zone: Zombie Crisis includes key features such as bonuses for beginners, fun quests, exciting campaign maps, train troops, PvP strategy wars, and more.

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13. March of Empires

March of Empires is an action adventure, strategy, MMO and fantasy based video game created and published by Gameloft. The game allows players to play as rulers who can build their empires, collect numerous resources, create their own army and lead them to battle. Players can defeat all enemy creatures to expand their empire. Players can also team up with other online players to play against opposing teams of other online players.

The game offers fast paced, action-packed gameplay that will immerse you in an exceptional game world. March of Empires includes key features such as character customization options, upgrades, item collection, power-ups, building number generation, and chat with other players, including great gameplay, well-written storylines, and excellent visual details. To provide. . Try it and you will be amazed at everything in this exciting match.

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14. Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online-Real Time Strategy) simulation by Goodgame Studios. This game allows players to become a mighty four great kingdom emperor, build small castles and make huge fortresses. Dominate your enemies, build and expand your empire, collect resources and manage well in epic PvP battles.

Players need to expand their empire by producing, collecting and exchanging resources, building fortresses, recruiting and training large troops based on multiple units, and conquering invisible worlds. Empire: Four Kingdoms allows players to form alliances with friends, attack threats to the kingdom, and defeat them with the greatest collective force in history.

This colorful game allows players to train over 50 types of troops, build and upgrade over 60 different types of buildings, strategically attack enemies and defend the fort. With all its glory and medieval depiction, Empire: Four Kingdoms takes the player to an era of history where the survival of a malicious enemy is very difficult in itself.

Players will certainly enjoy controlling the largest and most powerful settlements of time. With very addictive and engaging gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics and all the great mechanisms, Empire: Four Kingdoms is one of the most fantastic pieces in Goodgame Studios. Try it out, Empire: Four Kingdoms is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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15. Ikariam

Ikariam is a gameforge’s browser-based MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online – Real Time Strategy) video game. The game puts the player back to the classical times of Greece, leaving them in the archipelago (the archipelago group), where they are tasked with dominating the archipelago, expanding reign and leading large army into historic battles. Ikariam offers gameplay similar to the famous Civilization and Trivian series games, and its main purpose is to start in a small settlement and eventually expand into an empire with full control over resources.

Ikariam allows players to play the game through online registration. Once registered, players can have a small town or settlement and must dominate that town. Taxing residents will help players earn revenues that they can use to buy resources, build more structures, and buy more islands. In addition, players can train troops, attack nearby islands, take over land and resources, and continue the same action.

Ikariam provides five main types of resources: theatrical, wood, wine, marble, Crystal, Sulpher, with the help of sawmills, quarry, crystal mines, Sulpher pits and vineyards. In addition, Ikariam will allow players to form embassies, collaborate with allies, protect each other from all external threats, and keep them growing to form alliances.

Ikariam offers a very unique business model that allows players to purchase upgrades and other benefits with micropayments, and acquire the sixth most important resource to accelerate the build and capture process. Featuring fantastic stories, addictive gameplay and minimalist 2D graphics, Ikariam is a fun MMO and strategy video game to enjoy and enjoy.

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16. Tribal Wars

The name Tribal Wars or upcoming TW (TW) is a free, browser-based online and MMORTS video game. The game takes you back to the Middle Ages, takes control of a small town, gradually grows it with the help of resources, wars with neighbors and distant villages, plundering resources, destroying buildings and returning to victory as settlements.

The resources collected from the invading village can be used to build other buildings such as houses, workshops, production facilities, etc. Tribal wars allow you to train your own troops, collect troops of highly trained men and form alliances with your online friends. Be an example to your common enemies. Tribal Wars is a massive strategy game, so it has its own economic system.

You can trade with other online players, earn gold or resources, and use that revenue to develop consensus. Tribal Wars is one of the most popular and playable MMORTS video games, offering excellent visuals, immersive gameplay and countless amazing things.

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17. Travian: Kingdoms

Travian: Kingdoms is a new addition to the already popular Travian franchise. The game offers variety and ample space for gameplay due to its unique and improved mechanics. This amazing game actually offers the best MMORTS experience and can be played on both Android and iOS platforms. It offers gameplay that is very similar to its predecessor, but with improvements in the graphical interface, the new Ul design, and removes the weaknesses you’ve seen in previous series games.

The game offers mainly three tribal systems, allowing you to choose any of Rome, Ghoul or Teutons, explore the game world, control resources and rule as governor or king throughout the world. As governor, you can make decisions in robbery shelters or elsewhere, collect or plunder resources, but as a king you have to do more than that.

As a king, you must achieve one of the ultimate goals of empire expansion, strategically approach all issues, control the economy and relations with other countries, and so on. Resource collection and management is a completely different story and requires more tact and ability.

PvP combat and building elements are the ultimate resource generation source. Through multi-level gameplay, Travian: Kingdoms brings depth to buildings, architecture and upgrades. Travian: Kingdoms offers the most amazing RTS experience with numerous unique units, multiple maps, quests and unique hero system.

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18. Astro Lords

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud guides you to amazing space exploration and combat journeys and allows you to participate in epic enemy encounter, trade and management simulations. This gorgeous 3D MMO offers real-time battles and battles against enemies, numerous space explorations and adventures, and can take charge of your asteroids.

Your mission is to simply defend your asteroid from enemy attacks, collect resources to build structures on top of the asteroids, build different types of spaceships to explore the universe, build huge bases, and always advance all movements towards the enemy is to militarize plan.

Astro Lords, an epic encounter, the game’s own economic system, unique trading capabilities, and a unique combat system, with its well-designed core gameplay, MMORTS aesthetics, PvP and PvE battles, and the ability to capture and conquer other asteroids floating around the Oort Cloud nebula Enjoy life experiences through. Astro Lords offers awesome visuals, immersive gameplay and fantastic things to discover and enjoy beyond the limits.

Download Astro Lords for Android

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19. Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun, produced by Microsoft Studios, is an amazing turn-based strategy and tactical video game that lets you turn yourself into a character of the shoving Okamoto general who becomes the Shogun. In the dead country, he knows that he will have to wait centuries to go into the afterlife and be frustrated.

He is fighting for the afterlife only to find out that the murderer Lieutenant Karakawa has stolen his identity and lives in the afterlife as a general of Akama. Karakowa teams with protectors to begin a whole new series of battles between the two sides.

Your mission is to defeat all demonic powers, reach out to Karakowa, kill him, regain your identity and enter the afterlife. Shogun’s skeleton is a touch different from all other games of other types, but offers the same mechanism and gameplay, pushing the limits and having fun.

Download Skulls of the Shogun for Android

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20. Pocket Troops

Developed by Noumena Innovations, Pocket Troops is a grand strategy and war-based mobile MMO video game with extensive use of defense and attack techniques. Play as a casual tower defense war game. In this game, you control your corps as a commander, build and organize your own fortress, battle with enemies and strategy wars, collect resources and spread your rulership to the streets where no one was.

The game allows you to play Pocket Troops in multiplayer online mode and partner with multiple online players. You can also recruit online players to the army. Other new features of the game include futuristic structure design, superpowered troops, new game resources to plunder, pirates, and more, eliminating them and gaining extra experience for additional upgrades. Pocket Port is a game to enjoy.

Download Pocket Troops for Android

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21. Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander is an awesome strategy and war-based MMO and RTS video game that delivers immersive gameplay experiences on iOS and Android platforms. The game takes place in the Star Wars world, where you can choose the sides of the Tainin Island commander Darth Vader and Princess Leia, collect all available resources and build buildings to defend your island from the enemy. You can also attack enemy former bases or islands to plunder and conquer resources.

If you want, you can perform individual quests, defeat the enemies you want, and defeat them to gain upgrades and things. From building bases, to massive army training, to attacking enemies and conquering land, Star Wars: Commander is about war and fun. With great gameplay, cool visuals and all the fun stuff, Star Wars: Commander is one of the best games in this genre.

Download Star Wars: Commander for Android

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22. Virtual City Playground

Virtual City Playground is a building, management, and business simulation available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Phone platforms. Developed and published by G5 Games, the Virtual City Playground allows players to build their dream city and then run it with all the outstanding abilities of the market. Because of the incredibly addictive nature and all the great things that players can actually do during the game, Virtual City Playground was one of the biggest profitable games in the world.

Players can build huge homes, research and industrial structures, manufacture all the products with the highest sales, and sell them on the market. Just like in the real world, players can build a massive public transport system that allows citizens to easily travel, play in the park, watch movies in cinemas, and play games in beautiful stadiums.

For a better environment, players can build parks, plant trees, garbage recycling plants, power plants, and upgrade all buildings to achieve their full potential. Through the Virtual City Playground, players host many public events to keep citizens happy, build beautiful, well-designed apartments, hotels, inns and reward happy citizens with all the facilities the developed city can offer.

With over 500 exciting quests, almost 200 types of buildings, over 100 challenging and exciting achievements for unlocking, regular updates and amazingly addictive gameplay, Virtual City Playground is one of the largest building and management simulations one.

Download Virtual City Playground for Android

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23. Clash of Lords

As the name suggests, Clash of Lords is all based on epic clashes between the great monarchs. This addictive free-play strategy and war-based MMO game allows you to be the master of your magic village and build huge buildings and buildings to turn into a prosperous kingdom. Also focus on building defenses against attacks and cunning enemies, train your troops, gather troops to attack and defeat your enemies, form alliances with friendly nations to strengthen your powers and expand and strengthen your kingdom.

A striking feature of this game is the resource collection where you can plunder or collect all resources of defeated enemies to develop your kingdom and finally rise to one of the most powerful and powerful empires. Clash of Lords offers awesome gameplay, clean footage and many other things to discover. It’s fun to try.

Download Clash of Lords for Android

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24. Vega Conflict

Vega Conflict guides you through the beautifully created Sci-Fi settings and lets you immerse yourself in an unforgettable MMO and RTS gameplay experience. The game uses all the unique strategies and real-time tactical approaches to explore and capture the entire galaxy, maximize your control, build your own huge space base, and upgrade with the help of all available upgrade programs and the latest and captured technology It is.

Enjoy breaking your defenses, finding friends, making great alliances, invading enemies, seizing all neighboring settlements, and dominating the entire galaxy. The main goal of this game is to capture and occupy space stations built by enemies, plunder resources, and use your advanced weapons and tactics to prove your edge.

Do not mess with enemies that are more powerful than yourself when trying to encounter them. Otherwise you will lose badly. Start with less power than you, get enough resources to attack, conquer, combine with your strength, build enough muscles, bite bigger enemies and expand your governance and terrain.

The battles of the game are mostly based on PvP and PvE, where you can play your best, defeat your enemies and enjoy this colorful game. If you try, you can enjoy life experience.

Download Vega Conflict for Android

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25. Dragon Battle

Dragon Battle, an amazing game from Spacetime Games, is a mobile combat strategy and massively multiplayer online video game developed for Android and iOS devices. The game allows you to play as a commander, build huge fortresses and train huge dragons to fight millions of online players, collect resources and expand your rule on invisible streets.

With the help of the dragon army, you can attack nearby or distant villages or settlements and crush your enemies with your owned power. The main feature of this game is that you can train ten types of dragons and defend your fortress with 13 types of structures that can be upgraded according to your requirements with the help of resources collected in the bank and in-game currency. is.

You can also ally with friends online and start a dragon tribe based on the type of dragon. Battle Dragons is one of the best mobile strategy games ever made. You must try it for a cool strategy game experience.

Download Dragon Battle for Android

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26. Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire is a new feature that allows you to play MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online – Real Strategy) video game developed by Red Robot Labs for free. Collect and train huge army and huge fortress bases in this game and conquer your enemies by dominating the land and resources. As a commander, you can build a world of army corps, train it, build various structures like barracks, workshops, houses, markets, and defeat the enemies in each battle to become a world superpower.

Along with advanced artillery and strategic tactics, you can use your cannon, air support and war vehicles to attack your enemies. To lead a powerful army, you always need a great leader. Therefore he must be a leader. Otherwise, you will lose and lose precious cities, countries and the whole world.

Friendly Fire can make weapons of mass destruction and you can spend power and resources collected in-game to buy power-ups. Friendly Fire is a great game to enjoy and enjoy.

Download Friendly Fire for Android

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27. Nords: Heroes of the North

Nords: Heroes of the North by Plarium is a great browser-based MMO-RTS video game located in the Shingard world. The Shingard world will soon have an eternal winter, and Evil Ice Queen has begun gathering undead armies. Your mission in the game is to team up with fellow Northman, Elves and Dwarves to help fight the evil Ice Queen and her army. You have to build defenses and bases to withstand the most terrible attacks of the enemy.

All you need to do is gather enough resources to keep people working while spending the winter and facing the worst fears of humanity. Defending the fort is the top priority for all enemies, so in order to cope with the threat, you need to use your abilities and best strategy, build several defensive structures, update your troops, and fight selflessly.

Nords: Heroes of North, along with an ingenious champion system, will dramatically enhance the core game mechanics, excellent visual detail, and immersive gameplay, providing leaders with awesome weapons, skills, and more. Nords: Heroes of the North is one of the most played and nicely crafted browser-based real-time strategy and MMO video games.

Download Nords: Heroes of the North for Android

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28. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a military themed tactics and turn-based RTS (real-time strategy) and MMO, role-playing video game in the era of global alien invasion. The game was developed by Firaxis Games and allows you to control a technologically advanced organization called XCOM and defend the planet. Lead units in the field, fight and capture aliens, build labs, develop new skills using alien technology, expand your organization’s operations, manage XCOM’s assets, monitor alien activity, and help You need to respond wherever you need it.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an excellent strategy video game with lots of campaigns, action pack gameplay, smooth and cutting-edge graphics, cool movie animations, and lots of fun-filled minigames. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a standalone extension called XCOM: Enemy Within, which adds a lot of new stuff (weapons, new missions, more upgrade options, etc.) to the main game. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a great MMO and strategy video game to enjoy and enjoy.

Download XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Android

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Download XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS

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29. Shadow Kings

Shadow Kings is a free-play MMORTS video game from Good Game Studios. The game is spawned as a dwarf king in the game world and allows you to defend your kingdom in the most fearsome epic battles between orcs and elves. You free her from the illegal rule of the Orcs, with the elves trying to fight for victory for their beloved homeland.

In this game, Orcs are rated to defend their kingdom as they continue to attack the city, so you have to fight with courage and defend your settlement at any cost. Shadow Kings offers gameplay similar to Tribal Wars and Clash of Clans and keeps you busy. If you want to play really cool MMO-RTS games, you need to add this cool game to the list. Will definitely entertain you.

Download Shadow Kings for Android

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30. Kingdom of Camelot

Kingdom of Camelot: Battle for the North is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) video game from Gaea Mobile Ltd., where players build massive empires, form great alliances, defeat all enemies in the kingdom, There was no distance to see. Kingdom of Camelot: The Battle of the North makes the player a powerful ruler, building his own castle and ultimately an impenetrable fortress.

In the form of King Arthur, it is the player’s responsibility to eliminate Durst Mac Erp’s illegal rule, eliminate all hostile forces, defend the throne, and become one of the most powerful rulers of his time. Kingdom of Camelot: The Battle of the North recruits and trains a large army of brave knights, heavy cavalry, and elite troops to fight for glory and save the world of ancestors.

Camelot: Battle for the North allows players to recruit legendary round-table heroes and command the popular Lord Lancelot, Percival, Lord Kawain and everyone else. A strategy to strengthen an empire and inform its enemies about its power. The Battle of the North allows players to enjoy amazing experiences about MMORTS elements: gorgeous medieval touches, powerful rulers, the chance to live legendary wars and the life of a mighty kingdom.

Download Kingdom of Camelot: Battle for Android

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Download Kingdom of Camelot: Battle for iOS

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31. Game of War

Game of War is a fantastic free MMO-RTS video game from Machine Zone that offers great strategy, city building and management elements included in the core gameplay. The mechanics and gameplay of Game of War were greatly inspired by big names such as Warcraft and Age of Empires Series. This awesome game covers incredibly immersive gameplay, covering wars against enemies, building structures, massive military fundraising, and the development of research and development.

The game’s MMO feature allows you to make massive alliances with online friends, build diplomatic relations, help trade, conquer enemies and their lands and eventually become the most powerful and brave king of the giant empire. Research and build new skills, advancement of troop mobilization and state-of-the-art military equipment make the game more addictive and engaging.

With a huge amount of DLC and regular upgrades, Game of War is one of the amazing games. Game of War: Fire age is the most popular sequel to the game.

Download Game of War for Android

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Download Game of War for iOS

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32. Little Empire

Little Empire is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) and fantasy video game developed and published by Camel Games. The game offers the ultimate strategy gameplay where players have to expand their territory in order to draw their swords, choose heroes and play against other players around the world. In the game, players face brutal enemies and other player teams.

There are many types of troops, such as jungle trolls, magic shields, sky archers, priests, and more. Like other RTS games, the player takes on the role of a ruler with the goal of building his empire, building buildings, building bases and defeating enemies and conquering land and resources to defend the empire.

There are 12 units that players can use to defeat enemies during battle, giving players the chance to become legendary Dragon Slayers. Little Empire includes key features such as Tactical Formation, 3 different Heroes, 12 Units, Special Spells, and more. Check it out and have fun.

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33. Battle World: kronos

Battle Worlds: kronos is an MMO and turn-based real-time strategy and war-based video game that puts you in a military environment. The game allows you to engage in Yerla Faction’s campaigns, conflicts and wars with enemies. Control and train your own troops and use the most sophisticated weapons against your enemies.

Battle Worlds: kronos allows you to explore the game world, attack enemies, capture property and loot resources through vehicle transport, air support and troops. In multiplayer game mode you can play online and form alliances with your friends.Bite your enemies with the greatest strength, tactical advantage and power.

Battle Worlds: kronos is a great strategy and war based MMO video game. If you haven’t already, try it out and enjoy the best fun.

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34. Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor, back in the Middle Ages, offer a beautiful combination of MMO and RTS elements. Legends of Honor, developed by Good Game Studios, allows you to get started with detailed tutorials, learn how to find and collect resources, build structures, attack and defend, upgrade, and more. Legends of Honor offers some idle. When you click on a game in the core gameplay, you can click on items like mountains and forests to create additional resources.

The game mainly features three major factions (Wildlands Warrior, Order of the Golden Claw, and Knights of Ash and Shadow), and you can enjoy being on your side and being part of the ancient world.

You can also join allies while remaining in the camp to enjoy more variety in gameplay. Unlike other MMORTS games, Legends of Honor offers a unique hero system and plenty of space to build your own empire. It is important to build structures that increase efficiency and drive satisfaction, and keep citizens happy.

The game’s unique hero system allows you to recruit, train, assign different tasks, go on epic adventures and quests to enjoy PvP and PvE battles, earn rewards, upgrade your troops and more The level of the game you can move to higher places.

Featuring immersive gameplay, beautiful graphics and mechanics, Legends of Honor is a great MMORTS video game to enjoy and enjoy.

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