MIT’s Mini Cheetah robot can do backflips now

MIT has returned to the latest version of the Cheetah quadruped robot, the Mini Cheetah, and has a new trick in retail. Back flip can be done.

Backflipping robots are not new at all. Boston Dynamics' larger Atlas robot unlocked the trick in November 2017. But the Mini Cheetah is pretty impressive with its first four-legged robot. After all, many humans can reverse, but how many dogs can do the same thing?


As the name implies, the smaller version of the Cheetah 3, larger than last year – weighs about 20 pounds and weighs 2.45 meters per second (about 5.5 miles per hour). You can follow. go all Black Mirror To us.

It is about the size and the design that make the mini cheetah look more friendly. It can jump! Roll! Let's follow you! I am not going to think that the mini-cheetah passes through the stakes and "Awwww, who is a good kid?"

Boston Dynamics SpotMini (Boston Dynamics SpotMini), unlike the actual product is real. Since Mini Cheetah is just a research project, you probably will not be able to buy one. In the meantime, we will always be dreaming about a lovable, backfliping robot dog future.

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