MIT Media Lab will let the internet control a human’s actions for one Halloween evening

If your party or candy is not your speed, the MIT lab has an exciting and creepy way to celebrate Halloween. Next week, you can control one person's behavior with other Internet users, as seen in Business Insider .

The researchers in the lab created a program that allows everyone in the group to hear and watch as a group of users can control humans, as it is in people's minds. Humans are actors hired by MIT Media Lab. This project is called BeeMe and is billed as a web-based social experiment.

Beginning with Halloween in 11PM Eastern Time, people log on to the BeeMe website, make suggestions, and then vote on behaviors the actor should take next. Opening the door or entering the room. (Naturally, orders are not allowed to put an actor's mood, privacy or dignity in jeopardy.)

As the obscene narrative created by MIT researchers progresses, humans abandon their free will and agency. He handed over a series of humans to defeat the malicious AI called Zookd.

The background of the social experiment seems to have been inspired in part by "White Christmas". Black Mirror Some of his clients and his clients, led by Jon Hamm, advise and advise a man through a chip in his head as he approaches a woman at a Christmas party.

The meaning of this is dystopian for various reasons. In the episode, experts and customers can listen to what men see and hear. A privacy violation occurs when a man returns home from a party at a party. Ultimately, experts are caught by law enforcement agencies and classified as sex offenders due to his voyeuristic activities.

MIT Media Lab experiments are easy to understand, lightweight, and data-driven. Researchers hope that a group of people will get more data on whether a person can perform a series of tasks or whether the results are random and not intertwined. Think of "Twitch Plays Pokémon", but be sure to play with real players.

MIT has a history of horrifying experiments around Halloween. In 2016, Media Lab created an algorithm called Nightmare Machine. Participants clicked on the scary image and hoped that the AI ​​could learn over time, teaching the actual grotesque qualities.

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