Misinformation about the Notre Dame fire spread quickly on social media

The Cathedral of Notre Dame inspires visitors so much that it seems that everyone who enters it feels a powerful and personal sense of connection to it. I visited it for the first time two years ago and, like everyone else I know, I was touched by its Gothic architecture. In spite of myself, I took a couple of dozens of photos. Even knowing that every inch of the building had already been documented by photographers much better than me, I was overwhelmed by the need to take a piece of Notre Dame home with me

And so, to see the burning of the cathedral today, without to be able to do anything in a periscope stream – it was a tragedy. And while nothing will equal the horror of seeing the world lose one of its most beautiful structures, the calamity proved once again that technological platforms are not prepared to process news events in real time. The conspiracy-minded thugs continue to twist the events in real time in nefarious tracings in the absence of facts, and the platforms 'viral exchange mechanisms help their narratives dominate users' attention, while the truth is still being uncovered. .

In BuzzFeed Jane Lytvynenko shows how a Twitter account misrepresented itself as that CNN falsely stated that the fire was the work of terrorists, and how another misrepresentation such as Fox News published a false citation of a Muslim congressman who supposedly said "harvest what they sow". "(She did not say anything about that.) Both accounts put" parody "on their biographies, but their visual brand copied CNN and Fox News exactly, there was nothing evidently parodic about their tweets, and few people probably clicked to check their biographies before

On Facebook, a 2016 story about a plot to blow up a car outside the cathedral was linked from a site that regularly disseminates Islamophobic misinformation, without a clear explanation, a sign that it was totally unrelated to fire. (The Facebook story designs do not make it clear when the pages re-share previous articles.)

And on YouTube, well … this happened Chris Welch:

Today a fire broke out in the emblematic Notre Dame Cathedral and, as expected, many news networks are offering live coverage of the situation, and what is a little more unusual is that YouTube seemed to temporarily mix the lucky fire of a historic cathedral with the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in New York.

Under the live broadcasts of CBS and others, viewers saw an explainer for September 11. , 2001, the attacks. These two things have no relation whatsoever, and there has been no indication that the Notre Dame fire is the result of terrorism or even of a criminal fire.

The main reason for the existence of the panel is to fight against erroneous information. And, therefore, the fact that a YouTube algorithm has taken a look at a video of a burning cathedral and linked it to a terrorist attack is deeply unfortunate. "These panels are activated algorithmically and our systems sometimes make the wrong call," a YouTube spokesperson told Welch. "We are disabling these panels for live broadcasts related to fire."

If ever there was a case for "these panels" to be "activated" in a human-edited form, rather than algorithmically by mathematics, a project designed to combat misinformation and conspiracy theories would surely be.

Of course, it did not help that the president of the United States, while the building was still on fire, made these observations strangely related to the conspiracy : "" They think it was caused by, at this time They do not know it, but they think it was caused by the renovation. And I hope that is the reason. Renovation, do you know what it is about? "

I do not want to exaggerate the case here: none of this misinformation became really viral, and I imagine that most people who read about the fire will find an accurate explanation of what happened.

But it is easy to imagine how the combination of the irresponsibility of an elected official, combined with setbacks related to the platform, will give power to the fire detractors in the cathedrals. And even if you believe that a certain level of conspiracy theorizing after a catastrophe is inevitable, it is possible to wish that social media companies have not enabled their spread so powerfully.

Until then, I am reading personal accounts of what Notre Dame wanted. Paris and the world Here is a beautiful one by Mohamed A. El-Erian on Bloomberg. Here is a story of real moments in the cathedral of Ella Kay . And here is a picture I took of the great church in 2017, when it still seemed as eternal as the Seine.


EU countries give final approval to copyright reform directed to Google and Facebook

It is official: The Copyright Directive is now law, with 19 of 28 countries voting in favor of her. It promises to have huge consequences for YouTube, Facebook and other major technology platforms, and could make it difficult for new technology companies to operate in Europe. However, it will not take effect immediately: the countries have two years to design the implementation, and the law could be modified before that date.

Facebook will introduce transmission restrictions this month

Jennifer Duke reports on Facebook's latest move to self-regulate before the government action in Australia:

Sources close to the social media platform said that those who violate the Site rules, such as disseminating hate speech on Facebook, may not come into operation under the changes.

new restrictions are likely to be introduced before a meeting of the government-led task force later this month and before the call for first-quarter earnings of the company.

WhatsApp users spread anti-vaccine rumors in India

Same platform, different disinformation campaign. Newley Purnell reports:

Misinformation against the vaccine, part of social media publications in the West, is spreading in India on WhatsApp, undermining efforts to eradicate measles and rubella in a country where tens of thousands of people are hit by diseases every year.

Dozens of schools in Mumbai have refused to allow health officials to vaccinate in recent months, largely because of the rumors shared in the popular application of Facebook messages about alleged dangers.

Facebook finds the Haven site in Russia

Masood Farivar reports that Russia is hosting white nationalists in its largest social network with open arms:

For white nationalists excluded from Facebook, VK, with headquarters in St. Petersburg, has become a favorite destination. Their policy of laissez faire allows them to publish memes full of hatred, praise Hitler, criticize immigrants and Jews, and doxx – publish private information about their enemies.

China wins allies for web view in ideological battle with the United States

Lulu Yilun Chen and Yoolim Lee write about China's "impressive ideological blow", persuading other nations to adopt their vision of a highly restrictive Internet designed for the surveillance of its citizens:

The Silicon Valley model, more carefree, seemed unquestionably the best approach, with Google stars to Facebook to answer for its superiority. Now, an Internet refurbishment is being carried out in a well-controlled and scrubbed sphere in the image of China from Russia to India. However, Southeast Asia is the economic and geopolitical axis of Chinese ambitions and where the tensions between the United States and China will reach their climax: a region that hosts more than five hundred million people whose internet economy will triple to $ 240 billion for 2025. [19659031"Paralospaísesautoritariosengenerallaideadequeelestadopuedabloquearhastaciertopuntosuinternetesprofundamenteatractiva"dijoHowardFrenchautorde"Todoloquehaydebajodeloscielos:cómoelpasadoayudaamoldearelimpulsodeChinaparaelpoderglobal""SetratadelasupervivenciadelosregímenesenunasituaciónautoritariaPoresolesgustahacerestoQuierenpoderaislarsecontraloschoques"

After WhatsApp and Facebook, TikTok fight against false news in India

is good for TikTok trying to cope to its inevitable evolution in a fake news distributor. Aria Thaker reports:

TikTok, owned by Bytedance of the unicorn of Chinese technology, recently began showing a public service announcement (PSA) to its users when they search for some politically relevant hashtags. The hashtags that Quartz found that are displayed with the PSA are the names of politicians or prominent political organizations, including "bjp", "narendramodi", "rss" and "rahulgandhi", among others. This coincides with the start yesterday (April 11) of the parliamentary elections in India, which will be held in seven phases for six weeks.

"In light of the upcoming elections, we ask that you continue to use TikTok responsibly." PSA reads "Please do not upload or share illegal content on TikTok. The guard against false news always referring to verified news sources. "

The Silicon Valley self-regulatory days" probably should, "says Nancy Pelosi

The Speaker of the House of Representatives tells Kara Swisher that the regulations are to come:

Pelosi said that Silicon Valley is abusing the privilege of article 230 of the Communications Decency Law, which says that Internet companies are not responsible for what is published on their platforms.

"230 is a gift to them, and I do not. they think they are treating him with the respect they should, "he said." And then I think that could be a question mark and in danger …. For the privilege of 230, there has to be a greater sense of responsibility in it, and it is not beyond doubt that it could be eliminated. "

Starz apologizes for removing the tweets to Torrentfreak's article after a security breach [19659041] Excessive copyright lawyers in Starz made a lot of tweets disappear During the weekend, Starz apologized on Monday, Janko Roettgers reports:

Facing a violent reaction to the relentless enforcement of copyright, Starz issued an apology for inadvertently eliminating tweets from articles about piracy. TV shows on Monday The television network said in a statement that it recently incurred a security breach that resulted in the filtering of episodes of screeners, that led the company to hire a third party to enforce copyrights.

"The techniques and technologies employed in these efforts are not always perfect, and as such, it seems that in this case, some publications were inadvertently trapped in the sweep that may be outside the guidelines of the DMCA," he said. network in a statement.

Andrew Yang reveals plans to make a remote campaign using a 3D hologram [19659045] Sure, why not?

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang unveiled a 3D hologram he intends to use to campaign remotely in key battle states. Yang revealed the hologram during a segment on TMZ Live on Wednesday.


Facebook names Peggy Alford, the first African-American woman, to its board of directors

Good. From Jessica Guynn:

Alford would be the first African-American woman and the second African-American woman to join the board of the social media giant. His nomination at the company's annual meeting on May 30 would mark an important step in the diversification of his nine-member board.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were reduced for more than two hours

Lotta's interruptions on Facebook owned properties this Year!

Facebook accidentally put hidden messages like & # 39; Big Brother is Watching & # 39; and & # 39; The Masons Were Here & # 39; in & # 39; tens of thousands & # 39; VR Drivers

Extremely fun, by Rob Price:

Facebook accidentally said it He hid strange and "inappropriate" messages within "tens of thousands" of virtual reality drivers, including "Big Brother is watching" and " The freemasons were here. "

Nate Mitchell, the co-founder of Oculus, the VR of Facebook. The company said on Twitter on Friday that the company inadvertently printed some unusual messages on its touch controls, handheld gaming devices and navigation in virtual reality environments.

Facebook spent $ 20 million last year on personal security Zuckerberg, 4 times more than in 2016

The administration of a large social network carries very real risks. I'm glad Facebook is investing in the safety of its employees.

Tinder becomes the company with the highest collection, no The game application of the first quarter of 2019 ended with the reign of Netflix

Tinder is a very popular application!

Meanwhile, Tinder's income increased. In the first quarter, revenues increased 42% year-on-year, to reach $ 260.7 million in both stores, compared to $ 183 million in the first quarter of 2018, the company also found.

The first image of a black hole Katie Bouman an overnight celebrity. Then, the internet trolls descended.

Ben Collins has the story of a woman who made important contributions to the search to photograph a black hole and became the target of men's rights activists over the Internet last week:

Friday, the falsehoods that claim that it was not Bouman but a colleague who deserved credit for the image of the black hole exceeded the legitimate coverage in search results on YouTube and Instagram.

On YouTube, the first video result for users looking for "Katie Bouman". returns a video entitled "The woman does 6% of the work but gets 100% of the credit: Black Hole Photo". The video is riddled with inaccuracies and is based largely on a falsehood created in Reddit and pushed to a large extent by the "rights of men". community.

Millions are obsessed with vid compilations on YouTube. Now there is a Battle Brewing on Who Should Be Paid

The Vines compilations are one of the most beloved genres on YouTube. But copyright violations are also likely, and now there is a battle for their future, reports Julia Glum:

In trying to explain her dark sense of humor, Estela stumbled involuntarily in a battle that was unfolding over Vine clips, YouTube and who deserves the payment. There is a whole generation of young people obsessed with producing, seeing and referencing Vine compilations like Estela's, but the original creators still want credit, and advertising revenue, for the clips they made years ago. As visitor counts continue to rise, both Viners and YouTubers face big questions about revenue and ownership.

"Vine was an art," says Estela, minimizing the YouTube video that went up. "If you do it right, you should get the benefits, not a rando that decides that your Vine is funny enough to put it in a 20 minute compilation.


Facebook prototypes on a hybrid carousel that can be slide of publications and news.

Facebook wants to move more people, and advertisers, to stories, so it is experimenting with the conversion of news publications into story publications Interesting!

Facebook Messenger could return to the Main application of Facebook

Would you spend more time on Facebook if you could send a message to your friends there? I must admit that I am surprised to see the company considering this, given the confidence with which he transferred everyone to Messenger a few years ago:

Facebook could be replacing the Messenger chats in its main social media application, the function is currently in tests and was det ected by Jane Manchun Wong researcher of the application, which would mean that you could use a single application to access both the social networking platform and the elements of the messaging service. The change uses the existing Messenger button in the Facebook application, but it takes you to a new "Chats" section instead of opening the Messenger application separately.

You no longer have to invite someone to get the dark mode of Facebook Messenger

Speaking of Messenger, the dark mode is here.

The first Twitch video game is a free karaoke title created for live streaming

Twitch has just released its first video game: a game of karaoke for Windows designed to show what Twitch can do, Nick Statt reports: [19659076] "Twitch Sings joins the fun and energy of being in a live show with the unlimited creativity of the transmitters to create incredible interactive sharing performance," says a statement by Joel Wade, the game's executive producer. "Many games are improved on Twitch, but we believe that there is a great opportunity for those that are designed with transmission and participation of the audience in its core."


Facebook is stealing the joy of his family

If there is no joy in his family, says KJ Dell & Antonia, consider leaving social networks:

The more I reserve the good news and the personal challenges to share directly with friends, the more I see that the digital world never offered the same satisfaction or support. Instead, I missed the moments when my friends' faces lit up with joyful news, and I often found myself wishing that not everyone in my network was aware of a tirade or disappointment.

Face-to-face interactions produce a stronger neuronal response than anything else you can do online, "said Ms. Miner. "Online empathy is worth something to us, but not so much. It takes something like six virtual hugs to match a real hug. "

And finally …

Twitter secretly verified Jack Dorsey's mother and thousands of others despite the" pause "

] Twitter put its official verification program on hold in 2017, after realizing that it could not offer a coherent explanation of what the verification indicated on the platform, ad hoc checks have continued since then, and a lucky beneficiary of the program, says Karissa Bell, is … the mother of CEO Jack Dorsey, and there are many more:

Mashable used the Twitter analysis service Follower Wonk to analyze all @Verified accounts followed for 120 days that ended the March 28, and the results show that the verification of Twitter is far from being "stopped." Total of 13,767 users during that period of 120 days, according to the data of Follower Wonk.

Other version Twitter that verifies more than 13,000 people in three months, while the verification program is supposedly "paused" is that … the verification is not really a pause. Sigh.

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