Minecraft will get ray tracing for Nvidia RTX graphics cards

Minecraft is scheduled for major graphics checks thanks to real-time ray tracing support for all players using Nvidia RTX cards. Microsoft and Nvidia were co-presented at Industrycom Gamescom this Monday morning in Cologne, Germany, and ray tracing support will be available as a free update for all PC Minecraft users.

Saxs Persson, Creative Director of Minecraft at Microsoft, said, “Ray tracing is centered on the next stage of Minecraft . “GeForce RTX brings a new look to the Minecraft world. Usually in Minecraft the gold blocks appear yellow. However, if you turn on ray tracing, you can see reflection highlights, see reflections, and see reflections. "

minecraft will get ray tracing for nvidia rtx graphics cards

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Ray tracing typically renders the details of how light works in the scene and interact with other objects to enhance the realism of the virtual scene, creating more realistic shadows and reflections.

Microsoft and Nvidia say they are performing a specific ray tracing technique called path tracing: “Path tracing simulates the way light is transmitted throughout the scene. Traditionally implemented individually using rasterized or hybrid renderers. It provides an integrated model for lighting calculations for different types of effects. ”

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