Minecraft update removes most references to original creator

Minecraft has been updated to remove most of its references to the original creator Markus "Notch" Persson from the game's main menu, through Eurogamer .

The main menu of Minecraft has For a long time been the home of a series of welcome text rotary phrases in the upper right corner of the logo, which include hundreds of different jokes, phrases and references. But the game's latest update has bluntly eliminated three text phrases from the game: "Made by Notch!", "The Work of Notch!" And "110813!" (The date on which Persson married).

minecraft update removes most references to original creator

The main menu of Minecraft with a random text phrase
Image: Minecraft Wiki

A tweet from 4J Studios that develops some of the ports of the console Minecraft previously confirmed that changes were being made to the welcome texts, but did not say what changes would be made:

As Polygon points out, it is the second largest group of phrases that has ever been removed from The Game: only other phrases have been removed nine welcome text phrases from Minecraft during its nearly decade-long history.

Persson sold the entire Minecraft (along with its studio, Mojang) to Microsoft in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion, although Persson did not join Microsof as part of the purchase. In the interim years, Microsoft has continued to grow Minecraft as a family brand, complete with a Minecraft: Education Edition for schools and the interactive Minecraft: Story Mode game (which has even made its way to Netflix as a program of almost children).

Persson, on the other hand, has become an increasingly polarized figure, tweeting offensive statements regarding race, the LGBTQ community, gender and other issues. Given the controversy surrounding Persson, along with the fact that he does not have a real stake in the current issues of the title, it is easy to speculate that Microsoft will seek to distance itself from Persson, especially given the massive audience of young people who Minecraft ] has and the cultural impact of the game. Persson still figures in Minecraft in the game credits, although it's a much less prominent location than the main menu references that have now been removed.

Microsoft declined to comment when asked about recent changes to Minecraft.

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