Microsoft’s zombie Cortana app shuffles back into the spotlight with revamped UI and features

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Although Microsoft has withdrawn its digital assistant service from most of its consumer-oriented products in the last two years, it seems that the company still has a weakness for Cortana on Windows 10.

As of Windows 10 Insider preview build 18945, users are testing what Cortana’s new desktop experience is expected to be.

Introducing a new Cortana experience for Windows 10

We are beginning to implement a new Cortana experience for Windows 10 as a Beta for Windows Inside information in the USA. UU. This new experience presents a new user interface based on chat that allows you to write or speak in natural language.

New Cortana

According to the release notes, the new Cortana experience will retain much of the functionality of the previous service, but also incorporates new features such as supporting light and dark topics, a minimized query system and updated speech and language models to improve performance and reliability.

As it is a beta version and seems to be a redesign from the beginning, Microsoft notes that not all features of the original Cortana application will be present in this compilation.

Microsoft seems to re-engage with Cortana amid a handful of recent confusing movements regarding its digital assistant strategy as a whole.

Earlier this week, Microsoft acknowledged that it has plans to remove Cortana from its Xbox One platform, the company has also been promoting, during the last year, the cloud service provider, Amazon's rival Alexa . as a substitute for Windows 10 PCs with its OEM partner package software designed specifically to replace the company's efforts.

What happened?

While Cortana had previously been promoted as the connective cloud-based digital fabric between Windows now disappeared from Windows The phone platform and Windows 10 and a vibrant competitor to Google Assistant and Apple Siri, the reality is It quickly became a "me too" product with almost no problem. The competition is due to the shortcomings and the general conceptualization of how it would compete in the smartphone market where it originally intended to take advantage of devices that were becoming more personal than personal computers.

Before the bottom of Windows Phone fell, Microsoft had already bet that Cortana was large enough to carry its desk and even game-based users and had incorporated it into its desktop and system Xbox operating, however, without the necessary "personal" information that their smartphones were not collecting, the Windows 10 Cortana experience seemed out of the door and got worse over time.

As with many consumer-oriented Microsoft products, a slight stench of death is perceived. Industry observers suspect Cortana's long-term viability and a continuous stream of "near death" reports began to flood the news. During this time, Microsoft did not do the Cortana department any favors, as executives were cautious about how their digital assistant would keep up with the industry leader in Google and in the future, Amazon Alexa.

Finally, Microsoft read what was written on the wall. and he focused on nurfing Cortana's reach and, apparently, he changed it to his new role as an updated version of his Office Clippy assistant. Consumer-oriented features began to slowly disappear from the application and their overall presence reduced both visual and functional synergies.

In a seemingly cunning business decision, Microsoft began favoring the assistant who was making progress with its users in Alexa as Amazon's digital assistant.

And now?

All this leads to Microsoft's decision to renew and test a new Cortana experience in its latest version of Insider preview. Microsoft has been pointing out that, although Cortana cannot be seen in the announcements of new products or have a significant marketing budget behind its product development, the company intends to have a place in its ecosystem and today's beta application is only Another sign that he plans to evolve the digital assistant.

Although Microsoft does not have the same type of mobile presence as Apple, Google or Samsung, its applications and services continue to make significant gains on smartphones that include a dedicated launcher for Android, as well as its Cortana Application for iOS and Android . In the case of Android, Cortana's experience is practically incorporated into the launcher, which acts as its own type of operating system flow for end users.

There may not be the same kind of fanfare for Cortana as it was at its launch, Microsoft has reorganized and, apparently, has reoriented its efforts to make it a valuable tool for more specific tasks. It will be interesting to see what old features return to beta development, as well as the new skills that appear over time.

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