Microsoft's Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now out, new 'Light' theme included

Fulfilling its promise of biannual updates, Microsoft announced today that the next great version of Windows 10 is available. The Windows 10 update of May, 2019, with the simple name, is not as full of features as its predecessors, but There are still some things that must be taken into account. In particular, it includes a new theme "Light"; Those who hate the dark way rejoice.

The Light theme was first announced in November, but was only available to members of the Windows Insider Program, essentially for beta testers. While the Windows 10 default theme largely includes light and white elements, the main components, such as the taskbar and the Start menu, use a dark transparency that could alter their minimalist mojo. The Light Theme corrects the appearance of a clear frosted glass in several elements, as well as white backgrounds throughout the operating system. There is also a lighter default wallpaper to accompany it.

Other changes in the latest Windows 10 update:

  • Built-in support for Kaomoji such as (. • ‿ •.) ⊃, ヽ (ヘ) ノ, 9 (╬ʘ 益 ʘ╬ ) 6, etc.
  • Applications can now be an isolated space for greater security. Essentially, it is a simple way to run a virtual machine that does not jeopardize the installation of your main window.
  • Cortana and Search are now separated to reduce confusion
  • There is a new clipping tool to capture screenshots
  • now use AI to determine when you are not using your computer to install updates
  • Updates main functions will no longer be installed automatically (unless it takes really a long time to update). You can also delay security and bug fixes for up to five weeks.

It's small when it comes to feature updates, but there's a lot you can do with the updates twice a year.

All this being said, Microsoft is being extremely cautious with this update after the disastrous release of the October 2018 version. That update caused many people to lose their files due to lack of storage, which forced Microsoft will re-examine its update procedure and start booking 7 GB of storage only for updates. The May 2019 update is the first real test of the new approach and is being implemented super slowly.

If you're in a hurry to try the new features, simply go to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update and select "Check for updates" and press "Download and install now." That said, that option may not yet appear, since Microsoft is being extremely cautious and controlling the early comments. If really needs the latest version, since your life depends on it, you can go here to download the Microsoft Update Wizard or create an installation unit.

How to get the Windows Update May 10, 2019 [19659014] at Microsoft

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