Microsoft’s Surface chief: a pocketable Surface is ‘absolutely my baby’

Panos Panay, chief product designer at Microsoft, has been dreaming of pocketable surfaces for years. Panay portrayed the previously unreleased 7-inch Surface Mini as "Moleskine" and "awesome", but Microsoft decided to cancel it because it was not differentiated from other small tablets four years ago. It did not stop Panay dreaming. Microsoft has been developing a new mysterious "pocketable" Surface device (codenamed Andromeda) for at least two years. We ridicured the image of a patented dual-screen device, but Microsoft seems to make this particular hardware perfect.

Microsoft's Panos Panay said in an interview with 19459005, "It's really my baby." Cliff "We will invent it and make it when the product is right. We can not bring new categories to the world and can not be a place that customers need. "The need for a new category is a missing piece of this pocketable Surface idea, and I'm not sure if Microsoft will be able to carry both smartphones and pocket PCs." Surface Pro is more than just a tablet,

"Now, people are turning their minds on how to make these products. I saw you use it. It's encouraging, "explains Panay." I think Surface Hub 2 is ready. I think of other form factors you have not seen yet. We must continue to make perfect. In the interview, Panay hinted at the modular Surface Studio and implied how products such as Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones should match hardware and software.

"I'm not talking about hardware alone. Everything, "explains Panay." What it means to you is to give people the best opportunity they can do or transform what they have not already done. I think the fact that the owner of the product is important is fair. "

Can Microsoft get a pocketable surface?" I think many new form factors will emerge in the future, "says Panay.

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