Microsoft’s quirky musical video mocks Vista, Windows Phone, and more

150 full-time employees and interns at Microsoft volunteered to make Microsoft music videos in the mornings, weekends, and nights. The video was filmed in various buildings on Microsoft's corporate campus in Redmond, Washington, and shows interns and employees singing and dancing about "everything happening here."

Start with the section on co-founder Bill Gates. Prior to some classic lines, such as "Our products are well known all over the world except when you're on the phone!", The musical simply acknowledges a company that's out of the competition with Vista. Steve Ballmer) 's famous “Developer, Developer, Developer” chant.

We've seen some weird videos from Microsoft over the years, but with 8 weeks of effort, it's hard to get ridiculed completely, even with some problems. Not as bad as Windows Vista SP1 video with Bruce Springsteen band, or Windows Phone 7 fangirls video Thankfully, these Microsoft interns didn't use the company's Songsmith app to make this video

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