Microsoft’s prototype Xbox controllers for phones look ideal for xCloud

Microsoft is experimenting with Xbox controller prototypes for mobile phones and tablets. The controller is attached to the side of the device and provides a similar environment to the Nintendo 's Switch. " A Microsoft research paper found by Windows Central states:" The success of this switch is evidence of the value of mobile games with physical control. "

The various slide-in grips can be much more flexible and bulkier than existing solutions like GameCase, GameVice, and ION iCade Mobile. Microsoft Research launched a prototype controller in October

microsofts prototype xbox controllers for phones look ideal for

While patents and research are not necessarily available for viewing xCloud game streaming launches, Microsoft has not been able to see these controllers, but Microsoft has been researching for the past few years to make its inventions real.

Microsoft has developed a Touch Adaptation Kit for xCloud that allows developers to play games on their own, without having to plug in a separate Xbox controller or rely on gaming touchscreen controls. You can make it friendly, but the company We have always publicly demonstrated the cloud gaming service using an Xbox controller connected to an Android phone. We've waited until a company has designed and waited for a good controller design for the phone, and Microsoft is poised to bridge that gap Microsoft also seems to be the next logical step in creating the best progam pad (Xbox Elite controller) and expanding to phones and tablets.

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