Microsoft’s new Windows 1.11 app is a Stranger Things trip back to 1985

Microsoft today celebrates Stranger Things Season 3 in true Windows 1.0 style. This software mogul has created a Windows 1.11 app with Stranger Things and includes nostalgic apps like Paint, Write and the original Windows cmd prompt. The app was set up like a TV show in the summer of 1985, but Windows 1.0 did not actually debut until November 1985.

It's awkward, but this app is the latest version of the Stranger Things season. Thanks to the inverted world there were various faults and there are clues to the show and a tiny mini 8-bit game to find Easter eggs. Stranger Things If you are a fan, this is a fun little application. But if you want the perfect experience of Windows 1.0, you will.

Newest Stranger Things If you've already seen the season, no one will use your Windows PC anywhere in the episode. Dustin, however, can see his PC in 1985 with a hat called "Camp Know Where". This Camp Know is actually part of a larger affiliate program available at Microsoft's retail stores. Students will be able to participate in the challenge of focusing on coding and games this summer at Microsoft stores.

Microsoft allows people to create mini movies using 3D models, theme music, and special effects. You can also insert yourself into Stranger Things thanks to Microsoft's Mixed Reality headset at the store.

microsofts new windows 1 11 app is a stranger things trip back to 1985

There is also a collectibles arcade cabinet for Xbox fans Stranger Things . Microsoft uses the original company logo in 1985 to stimulate perfume. The company published the press release backwards in 1985, and created the atmosphere of Stranger Things .

Microsoft was fooling around with this promotion for a week, check out Microsoft's Stranger Things or Camp Know Where page for more information on this partnership.

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