Microsoft’s new privacy policy admits humans are listening to some Skype and Cortana recordings

This year's hand on cookie jars Like all other technology companies (Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook), we recently found out that Microsoft had quieted contractors to listen to Skype translations. And Cortana voice recording. That's right: not just AI.

However, unlike Apple and Google, who did not hear some records after the revelation, it appears that Microsoft has updated its privacy policy to acknowledge that we are actually reviewing some records. Note: Microsoft only works on the translation feature of Skype, not Skype calls. However, the company is analyzing voice snippets of Cortana requests and exchanges on all platforms, including PCs, making browsing the web easier with more sensitive requests.

A change was detected on the motherboard . Read here, here, here too. Here are the main phrases where you can find clues:

Processing of personal data for this purpose includes both automated and manual (human) processing methods. Automated methods are often associated with and supported by manual methods.


Inferences generated by automated methods on basic data, with some predictions and predictions and inferences made to build, educate and improve the accuracy of automatic processing methods (including AI). For example, manually review short snippets of small voice data sampling taken for non-identification to improve voice services such as recognition and translation.


In applications that use Microsoft voice services when talking to Cortana or other, Microsoft stores copies of audio recordings (such as voice data). […] This may include recordings of audio recordings by Microsoft employees and vendors, following procedures designed to prioritize your personal information, including actions. Non-identification of data, non-disclosure agreements with suppliers and employees are required, requiring suppliers to meet high privacy standards specified in European law and other regions.

Modern speech recognition and natural language processing techniques generally require human audit for improvement. It's not clear how the machine says a false positive. Humans point to data, annotate it, and feed it back into the system. In addition, Microsoft provides a privacy dashboard that allows you to retroactively delete credit data.

(Also Cortana seems to be outdoors.)

But I thought it was not clear that scandals with all these technology companies would be humans (outsourcing contractors). Hear very personal details, such as people speaking the exact street address, confidential medical information, or gender noise into the voice assistant microphone – deselecting in advance if we decide we don't want to.

Apple wants customers to opt out I have said there will be future updates to help. Do other companies the same?

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